Me-Mover FIT Bundle

Enjoy Me-Mover hard core training – anytime and anywhere. Stay fit with outdoor training – keep it up inside with the hometrainer and enjoy the NEW Me-Mover training sessions.

This bundle includes:

  • The Me-Mover FIT in the colour of your choice
  • The Me-Mover Hometrainer



I have been riding this to work and back everyday and get lots of comments and compliments from other pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and, of course, my friends and colleagues. After one week of using it, I’ve lost four pounds that I did not even plan to lose. Lol… After riding the Me-Mover, I have energy, stamina and a great feeling of well-being.

Benjamin Stephens

Florida, US

One of the best investment I’ve made in my health and wellbeing in a long time.


California, US

For me is a transformative device! Unexpectedly fast! Easy to learn and frankly easier then a bicycle. No pressure to bottom so can ride for very long periods! Folds up in one motion so easy to transport all over town. Low impact so no worries about joint injury over time. Quads and calves get the burn after 15min. Highly recommend. Probably my favorite exercise equipment I have used.


Houston, US

Me-Mover speed
Me-Mover FIT

Product features

  • BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE: Research has found that using the Me-Mover will help you build resistance against acute and stress-related injuries
  • LOW IMPACT ON JOINTS: Increase your exercise intensity and decrease the impact on your body. Stable 3-wheel platform and Intuitive Lean-To-Steer System
  • BURN UP TO 50% MORE CALORIES: Activate 6 of 8 major muscle groups  burn more calories than traditional activities
  • Dual front and rear disc brakes 
  • Aluminium frame supports riders up to 240 pounds
  • SPEED: 0-35 km/h with outstanding stability. Travel further and faster. Train more in less time. The premium feeling of training
  • Quick release folding system for transportation and storage.

Trusted by Drs., Athletes & Fitness Professionals

Healthcare professionals share their opinions of the Me-Mover

“A great alternative to running as you can load more or less the same muscles but you don’t have the same load on the joints and tendons.”

Henning Langberg
Professor, (DMSc, PhD, CBA (ATV))

“It’s a great alternative if you have to take care of your knee, for example, and can’t handle much impact. Good balance and core training!”


“Compared with cycling, jogging or running, it’s the activity of a whole series of muscles together that gives a fantastic work-out..”

Dr Adrian Harrison Langberg
D. Phil. (cantab), University of Copenhagen

Health Benefits sum up

boost performance

Boost performance

Burn 50% more calories

Low impact on joints

Low impact on joints

Build muscle

relieve stress

Relieves stress and anxiety

Fast recovery

Fast recovery

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