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Me-Mover for Recovery

The Me-Mover opens a world of possibilities for all: regain mobility, improve agility, build strength, increase energy levels… whatever you can give, you will get so much back! No pain, only gain.

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Soft on joints, less impact than walking and running.

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Promotes balance & stability

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Stronger core & body posture

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Improves strength & cardio fitness

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Get more in less time

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Boosts wellbeing

Choose Your Model

The Me-Mover comes in 2 different models:

For those who want to go faster. Me-Mover speed improves riding experience by providing handling and stability at high speeds. Enjoy outdoor exercises with this outdoor elliptical. 

From gentle exercise to high-intensity, calorie-blasting training, with zero impact on your joints! Me-Mover FIT comes with Home trainer option to exercise both indoors and outdoors.

Check Out Our Product Catalog

Take your fitness to the next level on an Me-Mover bike. Learn about and compare all of our models, from our brand new, Me-Mover FIT to our original long-stride Speed bike.

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