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Run 10 kilometers with just two months of training

The brain behind the fitness machine - the Me-Mover FIT - has vowed to train five injured and overweight participants to run 10 kilometers, in just two months.

Ambitious - Jonas Eliasson is the man behind the Me-Mover - an outdoor fitness device that is incredibly low impact and perfect for people with injuries, people who are overweight or those with other physical impairments - his plan is to train five people with different physical challenges in just two months to complete the 10 kilometer race, Royal Run, in May this year.

"It's an ambitious project that will show the population of Denmark that everyone is able to achieve results with their training, even if they are overweight or injured - that training gives both joy and long-term results. All five participants each have problems that currently prevent them from running. With the help of the Me-Mover, we will help these people run again" explains Jonas Eliasson.

The brain behind the fitness machine - the Me-Mover FIT - has vowed to train five injured and overweight participants to run 10 kilometers, in just two months.

The five who participate in the project all have different backgrounds with a variety of training challenges: Two people suffer from obesity; another harbours a leg injury; another is weakened after her fight with cancer.

Guides and coaches of absolute world class

In addition to Jonas Eliasson and Me-Mover Fitness' own coach team, there are associated diet leaders, professional runners, physiotherapists and professional coach, Ulrich Ghisler. Front figure and ambassador to the project is the triple world record holder, Wilson Kipketer.

"We have a world-class team to help and support our participants so that they are able to overcome their training challenges, physically and psychologically" says coach and project manager at Me-Mover Fitness, Lasse Olsson.

All participants are followed by a film team documenting the entire course and continuously following each participant's workouts and emotional ups and downs.

Although all participants each have their motivation to participate in the project, the goal of everyone is that they are able to complete the race through the training with Me-Mover FIT.

Training for all

The whole idea of project is to show that even if you have a reduced physical level, whether it is due to overweight, injury or age, it is possible to train your body both gently and efficiently to a level you did not think was possible.

"There are many Danes who do not train simply because they find it hard to find an exercise that is adapted to the challenges that age, injury or overweight put on the body's functional level. That's what we would like to show with this project that anyone of whatever level can train with the Me-Mover, "says Jonas Eliasson.

For further information about the project, contact Jonas Eliasson at
50 22 22 40.

Meet the Contestants

Meet the contestants

World-Class Coaching

  • Personal Trainer, Fitness Instruction, Certified Me-Mover Trainer

    Lasse Olsson

    Master Instructor
  • Sports Teacher, Triathlete, Running Coach and Me-Mover Trainer

    Søren Malmberg

  • Former Pro-Triathlete, Former Pro-Cross Country Skier, Sports Coach and Personal Trainer for Crown Prince of Denmark, Former Doctor of the Danish and Swedish National Cross Country Team

    Ulrich Ghisler

    Mental Coach
  • Personal Trainer, Me-Mover Trainer

    Sandra Rasmussen

    Head of Nutrition
  • Certified Physiotherapist at Klinik

    Eivind Møller

  • Former World Record Holder in 800m, Running Coach, Me-Mover Enthusiast

    Wilson Kipketer

    Mental Coach
  • Founder and inventor of the Me-Mover

    Jonas Eliasson

    Project Founder

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