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Top 5 fitness mistakes you need to avoid

TOP 5 fitness mistakes you need to avoid

No matter what stage you are on, mistakes are common in fitness. Remember that ´Mistakes are proof that you are trying´, so don’t give up when you don’t see results. Often the problem isn’t the exercise itself but the way you are exercising.

To ensure your fitness journey on the Me-Mover is as effective and rewarding as possible, we have highlighted the five top fitness mistakes that you should avoid while exercising.

Don’t make these fitness mistakes!



Now and again there will always be a day when you are lazy! Lacking motivation, you will find any excuse to not exercise. Even the pros do it! But on these days, you need remind yourself why you’re doing it. Why are you Me-Moving? What is your goal? Why do you want to achieve it? By understanding this, you will get through those bad days and get back on the fitness track.


Some like to plan, others don’t. However, in the fitness world, a workout plan is extremely important to achieving your goals and not get lost in the process. When you have a plan, you have a template to success. It helps you track your progress, challenge your workouts, and holds you accountable. All you need is to be persistent and follow the plan.

Have a plan, have a route!

Everyone knows the saying ‘enough is as good as a feast.’ It also refers to fitness. Doing too much too soon is an easy mistake to make. It can lead to injury, a quick drop in motivation, and discourage you to exercise more. You should always remember that your body needs time to adjust to a new workout plan, and to rest and recover between workouts. So don’t put too much on your plate!


Don’t get stuck in your fitness routine. If you keep doing the same exercises for a long time, your progress will plateau. Remember to change exercises and fitness programs for full body training. It’s important to keep challenging your body and mind. That’s the best way to achieve your goals.


Me-Moving activates six of the eight major muscle groups and gives a full body workout like no other machine. Technique and style is everything. Different riding styles will work different muscles. Remember to switch it up, shifting focus from your legs to your core from time to time. It’s very important to get your technique right when using your Me-Mover. It’s always a good idea to seek advice when you’re starting out, or refer to the tutorials for extra help. The proper technique will not only help you reach your goals faster, but also be more enjoyable.

The biggest motivator is fun! Go out and explore

Don’t forget, in the Me-Mover Fitness Exercise Manual, you can find all sorts of tips and tricks to get you started. Moreover, for the more advanced user, there are a range of different fitness programs and training plans to help you switch up your workout, and get the full benefit out of your Me-Mover.

So don’t wait any longer, get out there and get in shape with the Me-Mover!

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