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The Me-Mover helps me exercise despite my obstructive lung disease & bad knees

It is so great to hear user-cases. This one by Flemming Larsen, from Denmark, was incredible to read. Flemming struggles with an obstructive lung disease and bad knees, so conventional forms of exercise are not an option. The Me-Mover helped him train and regain his strength.

Read the full review in its entirety below:



Dear Me-Mover Fitness,

My name is Flemming Larsen. I have always been physically active and for the past 39 years I have been training and teaching martial arts – Jiu-Jitsu, Ashihara Karate and MMA.

Unfortunately, I have had two problems that have hampered my training.

I have an obstructive lung disease, and that means, if I do not train regularly, I’m prone to get pneumonias that can be difficult to get over. This meant that my lung function in periods was significantly reduced. In order to get my lung function back to normal, cardiovascular training was necessary.

Fleming Larsen (right) rode more than 300km in his first month! Now he rides with one of his daughters (left): “a great father daughter activity”

I tried running, but I lack the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in my left knee. The anterior cruciate ligament has been reconstructed twice and when it went for the third time, I chose not to get it operated again.

I have also tried bike riding, but it takes some very long trips to get results. It’s also uncomfortable to sit in the saddle for long trips.

Running and cycling were therefore not good solutions for me, so I have done cardio training in the form of stationary training, complimented by functional strength training.

But I missed the exercise on roads and trails with fresh air and nature close by.

“The Me-Mover solved all my problems in relation to my options for training my lungs, even with my injured knee”

So, for my 50th birthday, I wished for money for a product that I had seen on YouTube. The product was the Me-Mover.

The Me-Mover solved the problem for me. I was again able to exercise and do cardio training on roads and trails, in fresh air, close to nature.

The first month I had my Me-Mover, I drove 304.37 km.

A Me-Mover is a Stair Climber on wheels, but it’s much more than that.

To me, a Me-Mover is fun, transportation and exercise in the same product. It’s unique and different, but why does it work for me?

It feels like a mix of running, cycling and skiing. I’m standing upright on it, which means I have a great overview when I’m driving, it’s a healthy and natural position for the body and the feeling is difficult to describe, but it’s enticing, which means I always want to go for a drive.

The Me-Mover is gentle on the joints, so I can train in spite of my bad knee. It’s more gentle on the joints, than it is to go for a walk and I have not had any joint pains.

The pedals are designed with a smart gearing. As I step to the top of the pedals, the gear is low, which makes it possible to drive up even steep slopes. I can drive fast uphill or I can drive up a hill while keeping pace with a pedestrian – I can’t do that on a bike.

Both of Flemming’s daughters on the Me-Mover: “My 6-year-old daughter has also tried to drive on the Me-Mover, which she learned in a few minutes and a Me-Mover is now her highest wish.”

When I get to the bottom of the pedals, the gearing is high, which makes it possible to keep up a good speed over longer distances.

When I’m driving relaxed, I drive 12-15 km per hour and the highest recorded top speed I’ve achieved is 40 km per hour, but that was probably set downhill.

A realistic top speed is about 30 km per hour. When I do interval training, my speed at a low interval is between 10-15 km per hour, at an intermediate interval between 16-22 km per hour and at a high interval between 23-30+ km per hour, with an average pulse of 130 and a max pulse of about 170.

The pedals act independently of each other, which makes it possible to vary my training. I can train only one leg if I wish. I can raise both pedals at the same time and thus drive in a way that resembles a leap from the ankles followed by a knee bend at speed. It does not bother my knee; but to say the least, it is challenging for the cardio.

There are many other combinations for stepping on the pedals, such as half steps at the top, half steps at the bottom or high, high, low. It’s both fun and challenging to experiment with different driving styles.

The rear wheels can lean at an angle when I’m turning, which means it’s both safe and fun to drive through a corner at high speed.

A Me-Mover is classified as a bike, which means that it can and may drive, wherever a bike can and may drive. I have added relevant reflectors and a bike bell on my Me-Mover, which took me 10 minutes and cost about $ 10.

A Me-Mover can be folded so that it can be transported by train, bus or car. It takes about 10 seconds to fold or unfold it.

A very neat way of storing the Me-Mover!

The Me-Mover is an intelligently designed Danish quality product for me, but what does a Me-Mover cost?

A Me-Mover costs $ 1,799 from new, which will deter some.

Before I invested, I got to try a Me-Mover for a lengthy drive and I received thorough instruction from the people at Me-Mover Fitness. In addition, I have experienced excellent service and advice from Me-Mover Fitness.

For me, it has easily been fully worth the price. It does not cost any more than a good electric bike which does not provide the same exercise or versatility.

A Me-Mover can be used by anyone from approx. 6 years old and upwards. All you need to do is adjust the height of handlebar, which means that one Me-Mover can be used throughout your life.

A bike must be replaced as you grow, but with a Me-Mover you only need to change the height of the handlebar.

My 12-year-old daughter has subsequently bought a used Me-Mover and I regularly drive good long trips with her. This is a really good father/daughter activity.

Built with families in mind – just lower the steering column and away they go!

My 6-year-old daughter has also tried to drive on the Me-Mover, which she learned in a few minutes and a Me-Mover is now her highest wish.

As mentioned earlier,  the Me-Mover solved all my problems in relation to my options for training my lungs, even with my injured knee.

I have started Me-Moving at the age of 50, and I have seen an 80-year-old exercise regularly on a Me-Mover. I expect to Me-Move for many years to come, so I can stay healthy and active for life.

I therefore consider my Me-Mover as one of the best investments I have made to date.



Thank you Flemming for this wonderful review! It is so great to see how the Me-Mover helped you overcome your hurdles.

Have you got your own Me-Mover story? send it to [email protected] – we would love to hear how the Me-Mover has helped you.

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