Our Story

For more than a decade, we’ve been fighting to free people from bad exercise machines

Things we value

Life is for living

While everyone’s circumstances are different, we believe in living the best life we can – and healthy exercise is part of what makes for a full, rewarding life.

Togetherness is best

We believe in the power of people together – and community is central to our philosophy of healthy exercise.

One with nature

We believe people should be in much closer contact with nature than most of us experience in our daily lives – so our products are designed to increase time spent in natural surroundings.

Fitness should be fun

Why should workouts be associated with forcing the mind and body to perform, often uncomfortably so? Our solutions combine fitness with fun so you can look forward to your next workout and exercise more often.

Balance is everything

From work/life balance to the body’s balance to being in harmony with nature, we believe balance is central to every facet of life. Our products release their users from the rigid structures of traditional exercise equipment and set them free to train indoors or out.

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