Second Stretch goal approaching + Accessories+ Berlin & Barcelona – Me-Mover


Second Stretch goal approaching + Accessories+ Berlin & Barcelona

Second Stretch goal approaching + Accessories+ Berlin & Barcelona

Thanks to all of YOU, our Kickstarter campaign is chugging along nicely. We are very happy about the progress and we are crossing our fingers that with your help we will reach our 2nd stretch goal: the front luggage rack and a carry bag for the Me-Mover, which are all really useful additions to the Me-Mover!

We are also preparing a live Q&A for next week so it would be great if you could let us know if this is something that you would find interesting via message or in the comment section.

OK, let’s get started! We have some very exciting things to share with you in this update so here we go:

 Stretch goal #2 at $200,000: Front luggage rack and Me-Mover Carry bag!

We have been working the front luggage rack for some time now, but the carry bag was conceived by you guys, our backers so thank you!

The front luggage rack is an alloy construction, mounted onto the front stem with two bolts (replaceable with quick release handles) and is easy to detach if need be.

The rack is mounted as low as possible, ensuring that even with a full load of 15Kg (33 Lbs.) the handling of the Me-Mover is virtually unaltered. Most luggage racks are mounted to the steering handle or fork and turn with the steering which impacts the handling severely, something we have avoided.

After getting your input (thanks RL!) we have adjusted the design; the front part of the rack also functions as a convenient handle to use when rolling the Me-mover in a folded position. The rack is equipped with a hook to secure your backpack or grocery bag, as well as multiple fastening points for elastic retaining straps to keep your load in place. As an additional accessory we also have designed a waterproof cover to protect your gear in all types of weather.

Our carry bag (still working out the final design details) is made for convenient storage and transportation. It has several carrying handles for easy carrying, as well as a rigid bottom made to protect the wheels and transmission that can be zipped open so that you can roll the Me-Mover on its wheels, or zipped closed when you need to check it in as luggage for example (a great advantage when flying with the Me-Mover as luggage, those cargo-guys sure know how to toss things around). The bag will be made from ripstop Nylon.

It is large enough to fit the Me-Mover with the front luggage rack attached and includes one big pocket for tools and accessories. You fold the Me-Mover, place it in an upright standing position, put on the carry bag, close the rigid bottom part around the wheels, tighten the securing straps – and you are ready to go.

Accessories designed with YOUR help!

We are still getting many amazing ideas and feedback from you, our backers – we enjoy hearing from you so please feel free to join the discussion and keep those ideas coming! With your help we have developed and compiled a really nice accessory list. We are still open for suggestions, but we believe this list – ranging from water bottle, and bottle-holder for steering or steering post mount, to lock and helmet – represents a good selection of customised accessories that will enrich and simplify your life with a Me-Mover.

You can order the accessories here on Kickstarter, by manually adding the accumulated sum of your selected accessories to your pledge, and sending us a message with your selection through Kickstarter.

Please note that the front luggage rack and carry bag will be released first when we reach our next stretch target at $ 200,000.

The Me-Mover has been gliding through the cities of Europe

We have been travelling in Europe to find out what Europeans think about the Me-Mover. First stop was Berlin and then Barcelona where I am now. Our next stop is Sweden. In Sweden we’ll also be visiting my parents for Easter. I really miss them and Bohuslän! And while my family and I are in Sweden, some cool things will be happening in Copenhagen: Alex and Rune will be doing a series of pop-up events. Tune into our Facebook page for time and places.

Berlin! Barcelona!

Last Friday, me, my daughter Lina, Jacob and Stig loaded my old Volvo 850 and headed off to Berlin. We wanted to see what Berliners thought about the Me-Mover. The trip turned out to be a great success! Friday we headed out for a bite to eat and a beer, and immediately got to talk with the locals in Neuköln who gladly tested the Me-Mover.

Unpacking in Berlin
Unpacking in Berlin

Saturday we went for a tour de force of Berlin! For a full day we rode some 34 Km (21 Miles) in the city, included some great but unplanned GPS detours. We visited Brandenburger Tor, Alexander platz and Tempelhof. A lot of testers, smiles and fun experiences; Berliners, Hamburgers (?) Frenchmen, Israelis, tourists, bike taxi drivers and street artists all tested the Me-Mover. And they liked it!

I might be biased but Me-Moving is one of the absolutely best ways to experience Berlin: you get around everywhere, can stop and talk and look around, always safe, and you always get a good view of the surroundings. Most impressing, after a full day it is still comfortable to ride and your feet don’t hurt like if you had been walking because there’s no impact. Even Lina who is only 9 kept up, but she was a bit tired when we turned homewards in the evening.

When Jacob and Stig hit the bars later, Lina and I went early to bed. We listened to some audio book before falling asleep. Jacob and Stig came home at 5.30 am so I had the pleasure of driving the whole six hours back to Denmark with Lina beside me and two guys deep asleep in the rear seat.

Barcelona, sea and Segways in the background
Barcelona, sea and Segways in the background

In Barcelona, where I’m currently writing this from, I have mostly spent the day talking to potential ambassadors, and trying out the streets of Barcelona. We will make a short video about this that we’ll share with you too but so far it is another great Me-Mover experience.

That is all for now- I am heading back out on the streets of Barcelona for some hours before leaving for home, and I really look forward to get Me-Moving again

Buenas Dias from Barcelona, Spain – Jonas

PS projects we Love- Cravar

This week we came across this nice project, with some cool leather bags and Journals. Classic yet modern leather design that we really like.

They offer free worldwide shipping and stamping of initials / name. Check it out 🙂

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