Rehabilitation and physio experts talk about the Me-Mover – Me-Mover


Rehabilitation and physio experts talk about the Me-Mover

Rehabilitation and physio experts talk about the Me-Mover

For a long time now we’ve been saying how great the Me-Mover is as a form of exercise, and we truly believe that it is one of the best full-body work-outs out there. Now you can hear what the experts say about the Me-Mover!

We have been letting some experts try-out and test the Me-Mover to get a professional evaluation of how it performs in exercise and rehabilitation settings. They confirmed that Me-Moving is a low-impact exercise alternative that activates a whole range of muscles at the same time, giving you a great work-out.

We appointed Dr Adrian Harrison to do a test on muscular usage- on which muscles are activated, and to what degree when Me-Moving, in relation to running and other exercises.

He was amazed of not only the number of muscle groups activated, but also the level of intensity in which they are activated- it turns out that Me-Moving creates a continuous activation of for instance the core muscles like the Latissmus Dorsi (stabilising muscles of the back), which are constantly working at a high intensity, as opposed to running when they are only employed for short bursts of time. The constant activation means that the muscles are very effectively exercised in a gentle way. In addition to the low impact the Me-Mover represents a highly versatile exercise tool to be used by amateurs and athletes improving both strength, stability and stamina.



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