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Production, tests and more

Production, tests and more

Dear all

I hope you are enjoying the summer wherever you are!

We are working hard to get everything in ship shape before we head off for some vacation (at least most of us)

The last couple of months have been very very intensive, as always. Mainly we have been occupied with production adjustments and tests of the 0-series, evaluating accessories, webshop and order systems, building the team going forward AND trying to get more money so that we can order even more Me-Movers home. We have been doing great progress on all fronts.

On the production, we have implemented a series of improvements to make the user experience even better, and also to make sure we have a product that just works for years to come.

When implementing this we will face a slight delay in delivery, which will slip from August/September to September/October. For this we are very sorry, but I firmly belive that the improvements made will make the additional wait worth it many times over.

Read more on production below.

I am sorry I have taken so long to do this update, but will try to fill you in on the progress so far – so here we go!


During our Kickstarter campaign, we had help from a bunch of interns, student helpers and friends. They did a great job, and it is a pity we cannot hire them all! Many of our interns have also finished their internship period with their exam projects, which means that we have had radically less hands on deck. BUT we have also beeing able do make some important additions to the team, and I feel strongly that we have a very strong base team in place:

Stig in Berlin, during a tough interview session with my daughter Lina
Stig in Berlin, during a tough interview session with my daughter Lina

Firstly, we have gotten us a new production manager- Stig Sejr Larsen, as announced in the last update, who is an old friend of Jacob has joined the team and replaced Rasmus Hansen.

Stig has 20 years of experience as an engineer, with focus on development and production, which makes him quite unique. He has been with the team since the start of May, and are now 100% on top of the project, and have already lifted the level of professionalism even higher.

Jacob, my first partner in Me-Mover, now a very good friend and still part of the core team all though he is only working parttime. Without him we wouldn’t be her today. I think you should meet him, so here a short clip from our Kickstarter campaign:

Dalshad and Tommy, have finalized their exam project. Which was the Cargo add-on and the front luggage rack. They received a 10 and 12 respectively for the work, 12 is the highest possible grade, 10 the second highest. Congratulations to you both!

Dalshad will continue studying in the autumn but we will use him for some minor tasks as a student helper, while we hope to hire Tommy full time. Rune, the engineer turned film cutting whiz, will soon finish his internship, and also he will be working for us as student helper going forward.

Patryk, working on the webshop
Patryk, working on the webshop

Patryk, working as an intern, is now hired to help us with the business development, and many of you have been in contact with him when doing surveys.

Jens, finished his exam also a month ago, his focus was to build an ambassador platform, he will continue working part time besides his studies, and focus on the web as well as the ambassador relations.

Lena Anderson and her first batch of Me-Movers (0-series)
Lena Anderson and her first batch of Me-Movers (0-series)

Lena Andersson, has stepped out of the company to focus on her sightseeing business. It proved hard to keep focus on two different projects, so it was agreed to part ways. But we will continue cooperation, since she has been starting a Me-Mover sightseeing business as part of her running sightseeing operation: Me-movertours Copenhagen


0-series units ready for delivery
0-series units ready for delivery

As you know, we received our 0-series samples in late April. These samples were ALL disassembled and measured for consistency. We have used as an average 4 hours on each single Me-Mover, to be sure to pick up all possible issues, so that the final production run will be perfect.

In general we are very happy with the finish and quality of the products- but we have also found out that some of the parts were outside the specification, and some few designs were not functioning well in the production setup.

In the test bench setup- where we test the transmission for 2 years of tough everyday usage of a 120 kg (250 lbs) user, the driving mechanism of the 0-series failed after 1,5 years. While the prototypes of the design has been tested in the very same testbench lasted the whole testing period, accumulated minor changes in the production results in a shorter lifetime of the main driving part.

The result is that we have embarked on a very intensive engineering process to update the design to be even more robust. At the same time we have improved minor details in driving feel and serviceability, as well as simplifying folding (as shown in earlier update) and multiple other small details that improves the user experience.

The updated design lifts the Me-Mover to a new, even higher level of quality and feel, and we are very proud of the result.

Stig, Rune and Morten have been responsible for the work, and they have made a fantastic effort. THANK YOU GUYS!

All changes are now implemented and communicated to our producer, and production is started.

However it will result in a delay of the delivery date as mentioned earlier. We will not be able to deliver Me-Movers in August-September as promised, but will face approximately one month of delay in delivery.

In late August/early September we will go down to the Shenzhen factory to do the final quality check before shipping. We all feel bad for the delay, but we feel very responsible for our products and for that you as a user shall get the best possible experience.

Webshop and web development

Webshop development in progress
Webshop development in progress

We have been building our webshop for some time now, and it is very close to be finished. It is just to be adapted for graphics etc. Initially we will deliver to Europe and the US, with more countries to be added soon. The webshop is prepaired for ambassador / affiliate sales and will initially be for pre-orders only.

Ambassador workspace- work in progress
Ambassador workspace- work in progress

Jens has also been working with the ambassador area, and forum- please feel free to register and join the discussions in the forum, if you have not already!

There is a lot more to come in these areas, and of course everything will firstly take off when we get the Me-Movers out to you all. We cannot wait!

If you have great input, or maybe are able to help in develop tools for user interaction and ambassadors- any help would be welcome. Even though we after the Kickstarter and the following good will that it has created, has put us in a situation where we are on stable ground financially, we are still a small company with limited resources.

On our wish list is most importantly a mobile app, for users and for ambassadors…

Ambassador payments and post kickstarter orders

After the Kickstarter project we ran for a limited amount of time a post kickstarter campaign, for those wanting to add accessories or order additional Me-Movers. We have now sent out order confirmations for completion of the orders – if you made an order after kickstarter check your inbox, and see that the confirmation fits your expectation. We will close payments of these in less than 2 weeks.

Ambassadors should also have recieved their comission for sales during kickstarer. Please check that everything is in place so we have not missed something 🙂

Future stuff

As we are now concentrating on getting all bits and pieces in place, we are also looking forward. We have a number of exciting products on the drawing table, and will invite you backers to a sneek peak as we go forward. I can tell you as much as that I have been Me-Moving with Lovis the last couple of days, and she has been relieved from running..

That’s all for now!

Over and out from a warma and sunny Copenhagen. If you have any questions or remarks- feel free to contact us at any time.

Have a great day and a wonderful summer!

Jonas and the team


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