Iqniter Pulsebelt

Ride your Me-Mover anywhere – get coached pulsetraining sessions on the app hosted by iqniter

With the Me-Mover Hometrainer, you can exercise any time you like, anywhere you like by placing your Me-Mover on the frame. Every room in your home can be a fitness studio!

Enjoy the easy set-up of the The Me-Mover on the Hometrainer – open the Iqniter training App for coached Me-Mover trainingsessions – and put on your pulsebelt to benefit fully from the pulsetraining.

Pulsetraining is the healthier way to do your workout, as any activity has an optimum intensity according to your individual form. Are you just back from a low activity period or are you in the best form ever? The challenge will be the same – but there will be a difference in the level of work you will need supply, to reach the optimum pulse.

You can use the App with any pulsebelt or pulsemeasuring device with bluetooth.

The Iqniter pulsebelt is ready to be added to your cart along with your Me-Mover products, to ease your readiness to get active with the app.


The Launch of our new Me-Mover trainings sessions on the app hosted by Iqniter, will give you the opportunity to start the New Year with the right level of Heartcore training! Enjoy 3 months of free trial included with your Hometrainer!

Place your Me-Mover on the Hometrainer, turn on the app and enjoy the Heartcore pulse training. Choose the topic of your choice, at the duration of 20-45 minutes. OBS: to benefit fully from the pulse training you will need a pulsebelt or a bluetooth applicable device for pulse measurement.

Launch is planned for jan 2.nd and you will recieve a coupon on the launch date by email

All you have to do is: Download the Iqniter app on your smartphone, register and go to Train on demand, click Me-Mover and add your code from the e-mail you recieve and enjoy 3 months of workout – designed for indoor training.


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