Me-Mover Speed

Prepare yourself for a fast ride with the Me-Mover Speed! Whether you’re training for competitions or simply cruising the streets with agility, this innovative exercise machine delivers unmatched performance. 

Experience the thrill of swift movement and dynamic workouts, all while minimizing impact on your joints. The Me-Mover is your ultimate companion for conquering the roads and achieving peak fitness levels!


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Introducing the Me-Mover Speed, an innovative outdoor cross-stepping machine designed for enthusiasts who seek a dynamic blend of speed, carving, and skiff-like motions. This unique fitness device offers a thrilling and precise riding experience, allowing users to work out while enjoying the outdoors. With a focus on achieving maximum speed and control, the Me-Mover Speed is designed to elevate your outdoor fitness routine. Embrace the freedom of fast, fluid motion with this cutting-edge addition to the Me-Mover family. 


✔ Maximize Your Performance:

Discover how the Me-Mover builds resistance against acute and stress-related injuries, boosting your overall performance.

✔ Calorie-Burning Powerhouse:

Activate six major muscle groups with a skiing and running-inspired motion, torching up to 50% more calories than traditional activities.

✔ Speed with Stability:

Experience the thrill of reaching speeds up to 22mph while enjoying outstanding stability. Travel farther, move faster, and make the most of your training time with a premium feel.

✔ Steady on Any Terrain:

Navigate rugged terrain with confidence, thanks to wide wheels that enhance stability.

✔ Comfort and Endurance:

Maintain speed effortlessly over long distances with the Me-Mover’s ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable workout.

✔ Effortless Hill Climbing:

Conquer uphill challenges with ease, thanks to lower gearing that makes ascending feel effortless.

✔ Efficiency with Low-Profile Tires:

Accelerate  without effort, as the Me-Mover’s low-profile tires reduce resistance, making your ride smoother and more efficient.


Racing yellow, Hot orange, Ocean blue, Emerald Green, Onyx black

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