Post Kickstarter- first update! – Me-Mover


Post Kickstarter- first update!

Post Kickstarter- first update!

HELLO we are still alive!

The first weeks after our Kickstarter campaign have been very exciting. After celebrating the fantastic result, getting some sleep and restituting, we are back in the saddle for some hard work.

Our primary focus have been to secure the order process for the our first batch of Me-movers, but we have also been and are working on Kickstarter follow up and our ambassador program. In this update I will try to orient on all fronts.

AND we have an important Milestone today – we will deliver our first real delivery EVER! 8 of the 0-series units will be delivered to Be-Copenhagen. They have 15 prototypes since last year, but that has been a test delivery, now it is for real. YAY

Status on development and production

Video image.

Lontime test of the 0-series units

We received our 0 series units in April, and the last plastic parts in early May. For some time we have been going through the products meticulously and spotted a couple of small errors that we needed to rectify before sending the Me-Movers out. These also needed to be checked and adjusted in our specifications material, an effort that Stig Sejr is heading up. He is the guy who was with us in Berlin- basically that was his job interview 🙂 now he is taking over Rasmus’ task of controlling the production.

Stig Sejr Larsen, our new production guy, old friend of Jacob Thilo and skilled engineer.
Stig Sejr Larsen, our new production guy, old friend of Jacob Thilo and skilled engineer.

One of the things you wanted the most was a quick fold handle, we take your input seriously, and have been able to include a quicker folding principle in the first volume batch. You can now fold the Me-Mover in roughly one second, thanks Rune and Stig for great jop on this. In the same time we made the locking loop bigger to accomodate more variants and better quality of locks.

New center part, with 70% larger hole for the lock
New centre part, with 70% larger hole for the lock

The design is really nice and an upgrade both practically and aesthetically – in the video you will not see the final design – it is a test design so do not judge the aesthetics from there!

We also got the front luggage rack back from the prototype workshop. It looks great! Della and Tommy have done a great job on that. There is just a small issue; when testing it out we discovered that we needed to enlarge the frame with around 5 cm or 2″ in width and height. Back to the drawing board, but now we know how it will look and function which is great.

Kickstarter surveys etc

Thanks all for your survey responses, and sorry for any confusion. We wanted to get more information from you than what was possible to get from the Kickstarter survey, and had to do an additional survey.

For this we used google forms, which incidentally also was our quick fix solution for a temporary webshop that we opened for those of you that wanted to complement your Me-Mover orders. Some people got confused of the many forms, and we regret this. I also have to admit our quality control got bypassed since we wanted to get the surveys out as soon as possible, and having our quality manager (Jens) on vacation.

We will strive not to let that happen again.

Age- kickstarter backers, on column per backer (only the first 166 survey answers)
Age- kickstarter backers, on column per backer (only the first 166 survey answers)

Fun facts- Me-Mover customers are 18-74 years of age, 25% of you are women, the top countries are USA, Japan, Denmark, Australia and Hong Kong.

We sold to 26 countries and to all continents. We got orders from Vladivostok, Kazakhstan and Angola.

We are following up on the webshop orders next week and arranging for payments there- that is also when we will pay our ambassadors- we are still struggling to get our money out of amazon..


One of the amazing result of the Kickstarter campaign is that we have recruited 35 ambassadors around the world. This is a game changer for us and we are so thrilled to start working with you. We have some great ideas on how to make a prosperous and effective cooperation BUT we want you to be a part of this.

For the moment, half of our Ambassadors have joined with the Me-Mover forum, have access to private Ambassadors area and are already discussing several of topics. We encourage the second half to do the same – create an account with your email address that you used for Kickstarter on our website at by clicking Log In on the top right corner and Register Here button.

Then send us an email at [email protected] to notify us and we’ll assign you the profile of an ambassador and access to the private area. Simple!

We are right now in the first phase of creating a full online digital platform to all our ambassadors to handle sales, communicate, get marketing information and many more. This will take some time, but right now all forum members are asked to give their opinion on the upcoming platform in the forum so we can craft it regarding to your real needs and wishes 🙂

If you prefer direct communication, we are always happy to receive ideas and suggestions to our regular [email protected] email as well.

As an ambassador you will be a major and integrated part of our sales force and one of the key contributors for delivering input top future developments of the Me-Mover. You will become a Me-Mover affiliate with the possibility to earn 10% of all the sales you generate.

 For now we have closed the opportunity to become an ambassador- but we will recruit more ambassadors going forward- however this will be done after and in dialogue with the existing ambassadors.

 Some of you might have noticed that we for a short period after kickstarter opened up for upgrading a kickstarter order to an ambassador pledge- we got some pushback on this and reacted promptly by deleting the opportunity. For those that already ordered the upgrade- you will off course be accepted as an ambassador. The error was on my side.

Now – Back to work!

Thank you again for your support and continuous dialoge. We have learned so much from you, and we will do what we can to keep you happy and engaged!

We will have less time to be spot on to your questions and inputs on Kickstarter and on mails since we have so many things to do right now lining up productiojn, and evaluating the right accessories etc etc BUT please be patient, and if we missed to answer you on something ask again. In half a year or a year we will be on top of the response times and support, but the organisation and our systems are just not big enough yet 🙂

Have a great day! Looking forward talking to you all again


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