Me-Mover on TechCrunch and PSFK – Me-Mover


Me-Mover on TechCrunch and PSFK

Me-Mover on TechCrunch and PSFK

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! 

We are down to our last week of the campaign and thanks to you guys, our amazing backers, we have been doing extremely well. This week some really exciting things happened that we wanted to share with you. We got covered by TechCrunch and PSFK, which are really popular websites, so hopefully more people will get to know about all the amazing benefits of the Me-Mover and we can reach that 2nd stretch goal (only $18,000 left to go!!) so you can all get those cool add-ons. Here are the links so you can check them out and please feel free to share them around, as they say the more the merrier!





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