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Me-Mover at ISPO Munich 2015

Me-Mover at ISPO Munich 2015

Me-Mover took to the road again to attend ISPO Munich 2015– a leading sports and outdoor exhibition, with over 80,000 visiting professionals each year.  This year it was on 5-8 February. This meant a huge opportunity for Me-Mover to build relationships with potential business partners.

Similarly to Eurobike last year, our main aim was to speak with distributors and/or retailers. At exhibitions you meet a lot of people and interested dealers, but an interest in the product does not necessarily equate to a definitive partnership.  So this time we placed more focus on quality, rather than quantity. Now that we are gaining traction and establishing ourselves, what we are focused on is building solid, long-term partnerships.

On top of that, exhibitions are always fantastic opportunities for feedback. Having test rides and speaking with people first-hand is a great way to learn how target groups perceive your product. So that was fantastic!!


The expo

On the 3rd of February we packed up the car and prepared for another road trip. We drove through the night and arrived in the morning of the 4th. This time we opted to use Air BnB and were greeted by a lovely host whose apartment was in central Munich. After a tour of the apartment it was time to head to the expo hall to set up the Me-Mover booth.


With the car packed to the brim we hit the road!


After set-up it was decided it was time for a nice traditional Bavarian meal! We walked down a local restaurant called Lindwurmstüberl. Weinerschnitzel, Jägerschnitzel and Cordon Bleu’s – the best way to start a stay in Germany! This restaurant was so good we went back the next night. The waiter reserved 5 “Schweinehaxe” for us and we were not going to pass up on that opportunity. When in Munich, right?? 


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Me-Mover at ISPO. Booth A3.236


Each morning we took the train. You can see from the picture below just how many people were headed to the expo each morning. The trains were absolutely packed!


Huge crowds of people arrived at ISPO every morning
Huge crowds of people arrived at ISPO every morning

We were located in hall A3, which was “Action Sports”. In this hall you could find all kinds of sporting goods: scooters, electric scooters, paddle boards, skis, sports clothing, kite surfing equipment, inline skates, and of course… Me-Movers! Our neighbours were an Italian kite surfing brand called Rangi, and a cargo scooter company called Nimble Scooters. We had fun playing around with some of the cargo scooters 😛


A Me-Mover fits perfectly on a Nimble Scooter!
A Me-Mover fits perfectly on a Nimble Scooter!


Naturally there were loads of test rides. People just can’t walk past a Me-Mover without wanting to try it! At first the security at ISPO forbade us to ride the Me-Movers, which was a problem for us. What is so unique about the Me-Mover is the driving feel – you can truly appreciate the product when you experience its greatness first-hand. There’s nothing else like it! So after some convincing the security gave us permission to Me-Move around. 🙂


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Seeing big smiles on people’s faces when trying the Me-Mover will never get old. Most often we hear that it is a totally unique product, and that it’s so much fun to ride. The majority of people immediately find the joy in it and want to ride around on it forever. Others finds it a bit difficult to get used to – it’s all about ignoring the urge to push down on the pedals and only concentrate on lifting your feet. Once you switch to that mentality, then even those most reluctant find the awesome-ness of Me-Moving.

A newfound pleasure for us has been tapping into the rehabilitation market. A few months ago we conducted physical testing and recorded data that confirms that Me-Moving is much gentler on the joints (ankles, knees, hips and spine) than running. These findings are quite revolutionary, as they offer a totally new and FUN way to be active.

One of our highlights was meeting Rüdiger Böhm. He lost his legs in a serious accident in 1997 – he was on a bike and collided with a truck. He had to adapt to a new way of living. Rüdiger didn’t allow this to hinder his life and instead took it as an opportunity to experience new things. He now does motivational talks and does all sorts of crazy sports (mono-skiing, para-triathlon, and more). He visited our booth at ISPO and gave the Me-Mover a go. He LOVED it! He told us he used to love skiing and did it a lot before his accident. Although he has a mono-ski it just doesn’t quite compare, Rüdiger said, so he is extremely excited about the Me-Mover.


Rüdiger Böhm LOVED the Me-Mover. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him
Rüdiger Böhm LOVED the Me-Mover. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him


Back to Copenhagen – a series of unfortunate events (to say the least)

After a hugely successful fair we packed up on the Sunday and made our way back. We were still on a high from such a great week and couldn’t wait to nurture the fantastic new leads we made. The car was all packed up within 45 minutes of the fair ending, and we left in good time – we hit the road at 17:45. After about 8 and a half hours of driving we were almost at the border, when suddenly Stig sees something unusual on the road. He tried to swerve to the right to avoid the object, but it still hit the left front of the car with a loud BANG. Loud enough to wake everyone from their slumber.

We hoped we were in the clear and that it made no serious damage. Five kilometres from the ferry that takes you from Germany to Denmark, the car breaks down. All the lights go off in the middle of the Autobahn – no headlights, brake lights, nothing. We pull over to assess the damage, and the impact clearly damaged the car battery. After a few unsuccessful attempts at re-starting the car we roll it into the town nearby and find an auto-shop/garage. Naturally, on a Sunday night nothing was open, so we had no choice but to wait until 6am for the auto-shop to open, to find out if we could get a new battery. So we slept…

At 06:00 the shop opened, only for us to find out that they don’t have any new batteries. So we were told to wait until the garage next door opened at 08:00. So we slept…

Finally at 08:00 the garage opened. We recharged the battery, bought another battery just in case, and made our way again. By 10:00 we arrived in Denmark. Now only a short hour and a half drive until we reach the office, we thought. Almost home!

We broke down again about an hour of driving. This was the new battery, so we were surprised this happened. Luckily with a team of engineers changing a battery takes no time at all. We were en route again in a few minutes. With a newly charged battery and only 20km from the office we couldn’t wait to be back.

Then, literally 4.5km from the office the car broke down AGAIN. Had we charged the battery for another 10 minutes at the garage, we would have made it. We called Morten at the office and asked him to bring cables to recharge the battery from his car. He met us on the highway, we connected the two cars and waited for 30 minutes. Turned the key – nothing. It didn’t work. We were beyond frustrated at this point, so we decided to hop in Morten’s car and drove to the office. We would deal with the broken down car later.

Finally, after 12:00 on Monday we arrived at the office. What normally takes 11 hours took us almost 19 hours. Looking back on it now it seems absolutely ludicrous! We’ll definitely remember this trip for a while to come…!  Thank god the fair was such a huge success, so in the end it was all worth it.


What’s next?

We consider ISPO Münich 2015 a success on all fronts: good feedback, met great people, and formed new business relationships. We got great leads in several countries and will be working on solidifying these partnerships in the coming weeks.

There’s not much time for rest though, as we are already prepping for the next exhibition in April. We will be attending FIBO in Cologne, Germany from April 9th – 12th. This is another massive sports exhibition.


//The Me-Mover team

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