Me-Mover to Friedrichshafen – Urban Motion at Eurobike!


Me-Mover to Friedrichshafen – Urban Motion at Eurobike!

Me-Mover to Friedrichshafen – Urban Motion at Eurobike!

Me-Mover to Friedrichshafen – Urban Motion at Eurobike!

Hey guys,

Me-Mover was recently represented at the 2013 Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The experience was amazing, so I wanted to take a few moments to tell you all about it.

The journey

Four people and five Me-Movers left Copenhagen and drove 1,300 kilometers in my Volvo 855 station car, en route to Friedrichshafen for Eurobike. We were excited, in part because of the expectations we had business-wise, but also on seeing first hand what people’s thoughts on the Me-Mover would be after trying it.

We stayed in Romanshorn, Switzerland at the small inn, Neuhaus. We used the Me-Movers to transport ourselves to the ferry, and later from the harbour in Friedrichshafen to the Eurobike exhibit. The weather was gorgeous and every morning we had croissants and café au lait on the ferry.



Our expectations to Eurobike and ourselves

When we left Denmark, our expectations were very clear: We went searching for feedback. Not just from customers, but retailers and distributors as well. When launching a product like this, there are always a lot of wheels in constant motion, so gaining clarity was of immense importance.

We were hoping to get in touch with maybe 5-10 retailers and distributors, but as it turned out, we came home with 75 leads. Especially, German customers and retailers had great interest in the Me-Mover.

What we learned from users about the Me-Mover

As it turned out, we once again discovered that people with prior experience with skiing, surfing or skateboarding, had a distinct advantage in learning to use the Me-Mover. They possessed the intuitive understanding and memory of the Me-Mover’s movement and how it operates in terms of speed, handling and turning.

That fell in line with our belief that the Me-Mover introduces itself as a great tool for urban motion and outdoor fitness.



The Eurobike experience

More than 500 people tried the Me-Mover while at Eurobike. Age groups, for both men and women, ranged from five years old, to 75! That’s huge. Everyone, regardless of age and gender, were curious, and ended up with a great smile after testing the Me-Mover.

Our Me-Movers never got a break, as three or four of them were out running constantly. Good thing it doesn’t run on batteries, even though several people thought it did 🙂

They were surprised when they got up on it and realized they needed to put some effort into it. It is great to experience, when you see your baby fly. It not only works, people love it!



The journey home

August 30th. Saturday. Time to go home. We packed up our Me-Movers, and ourselves, and made another 1,300-kilometer trip. We were tired, satisfied, and eager to continue our project.

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