Me-Mover Fitness' experience at the Inspire Convention 2017


Me-Mover Fitness at the Inspire Convention 2017

Jonas Eliasson’s experience at the Inspire Convention 2017

The first thing that they said was that it is really fun! They were smiling and happy.”  

The CEO and founder of Me-Mover Fitness – Jonas Eliasson shared his experience and impression from the Inspire Convention 2017 in Denmark.


Me-Mover Fitness at the Inspire Convention 2017!

What is the Inspire Convention about?

Jonas Eliasson (JE): The Inspire Convention is organised by Hanne Bousager and she has been doing this for several years. The convention consists of three inspirational days where you can book courses for TRX training, different yogas techniques and entirely new types of exercising. There are also a lot of courses for physiotherapists and fitness instructors. It’s an event for everyone within the health and fitness industry.

Was this Me-Mover Fitness first time at the Inspire Convention?

JE: Yes, we’ve never been there before.

What made you want to take part in the Inspire Convention?

JE: We have just adapted our business strategy to focus on Denmark and we are also being much clearer with what we want to do with our fitness guide. We wanted to see what people think about the Me-Mover FIT and our newly released Me-Mover training guide. So mostly it was to spread the message, make it known, and to get the feedback from the industry.

Who did you go to the Inspire Convention with?

JE: Gorm Alex Petersen from AP Sundhedscenter. Very interesting guy, with a long history in the health and fitness industry. He is a former XPRO professional soccer player and an educated osteopath and physiotherapist. A really inspiring and energetic guy.

Engaged riders learning about why the Me-Mover is the future of fitness!

So, what was the convention like? What was Me-Mover Fitness’ experience?

JE: We were standing outside the areas where people were participating in courses, and people were coming over to us during the breaks or after their classes. We showed them the Me-Mover FIT and we explained how it works and why it is good.

There are many benefits that the Me-Mover FIT offers.

Firstly, it gives you increased mobility – it means even when you have an injury you can move naturally and stay mobile in your body.

It also targets six of the eight major muscle group. You will experience improved strength, especially in the legs and, glutes, but also in the abs and core.

As a result, Me-Moving improves your balance and stability, and protects your joints with low impact. It is such an effective workout!

What is also important is that you can improve your performance in different sports. For instance out customer Gorm noticed that after two weeks of Me-Moving, he increased his speed on his racing bike by 3km/h. He also improved his balance, ability to coordinate, as well as his stability. The cross training effects of the Me-Mover FIT are therefore huge!

We offered people test rides too, to show people how fun it is to ride the Me-Mover FIT! We gave them the safety instructions on how to ride, and got them comfortable enough to ride, which only took a few minutes. The aim for us was to make people feel the benefits, feel comfortable and safe on the Me-Mover FIT, and then we let them ride for a while. Everyone was smiling; I could see they were really happy!

Passersby checking out the Me-Mover

How long did it take for people to start Me-Moving? Was anyone scared of riding it?

JE: In the beginning, some of them were scared, but everyone could ride it and everyone felt good!

For some people, it took 10 seconds to learn – literally. They just stood up, checked how the pedals and brakes work, and they just started moving. And then you have people that need five minutes. The full range is from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

What was people’s first impressions of Me-Moving?

JE: The first thing that they said was that it is really fun! They were smiling and happy.  They also confirmed everything what we said about the benefits.

So the people attending was everyone from regular customers to professionals in the sports industry?

JE: Yes, but the majority were fitness instructors and physiotherapists that were trying to find a different way for rehabilitation, and to make rehabilitation more interesting for their clients.

Getting used to the innovative transmissions

So they were interested in the Me-Mover?

JE: Definitely. We also sold some Me-Movers. And together with Peter Aggerholm from Recover4you, we’re planning to have a Me-Mover Weightloss Team in Jutland, but we’re still working on that.

How many people took part in the event?

JE: I would say between 50-100 people.

What was the age range?

JE: The age range was 35-55 years old because there were mostly professionals. But some of the kids also took part.

In your opinion, how did the event go overall?

JE: It was very different from what I expected. First of all, because the classes were so concentrated, it was hard to take people out from the event area. They started courses at 10am first day, 12pm in the second day, and it was full days of classes. We were doing the test rides and demonstrations outside, so we had fewer people than I expected. But we had very good feedback so it doesn’t really matter!

Truly a beautiful place to ride the Me-Mover!

Also, the place where the event took place was beautiful! It’s called Sinatur Hotel Storebælt in Nyborg, close to the sea. The energy was really nice, people loved to be there, and the team was extremely friendly and welcoming.

Are you planning to be a part of Inspire Convention next year?

JE: Yes, we are planning to go there the next year – definitely! We talked with Hanne about how to do it next year, and we will likely have regular classes that you can book.

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