Me-Mover to California – Me-Mover


Me-Mover to California

Me-Mover to California

We have had some interesting days, weeks and months since the last updates. Beta design ready for production and will be in our hands for assembly within weeks. VERY exciting!

The last couple of weeks the buzz about the Me-Mover has been growing. We were selected one of six finalists for Danish Champinonships in Cleantech, and one of the 50 most interesting Nordic startups to present at Nordic Venture Forum Nov. 11.

AND we have been invited to the Cleantech Ideas Competition in California San Jose,  so off we go! I am leaving tomorrow with two Me-Movers and some good spirits for San Francisco and later San Jose.

If you know someone to meet in the Bay area within the sports, fitness or active mobility community, feel free to send me a mail: [email protected]

I will be in the area from 13th of November to the 20th. It is going to be great!

BEST from a dark, but GOOD Copenhagen!


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