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Me-Mover group fitness classes in Lausanne!

Me-Mover group fitness classes in Lausanne!

Jonas participated in the Me-Mover group fitness classes in Lausanne, Switzerland organized by training coach Patrick Ollivier

Patrick, a fitness and wellness coach, started hosting group fitness classes on the Me-Mover in April 2015. It first started with 4-6 people per class, and after a fantastic summer and a lot of Me-Moving, these classes became really popular! With a mixture of interval training, hill climbs, and slaloms, the Me-Mover group fitness classes are  a sure-fire way to get fit quick and have fun with it.

Jonas recently traveled to Switzerland to visit Patrick and to participate in these classes. Needless to say, Jonas had a blast! Together with the beautiful Swiss landscape, the thrill of riding a Me-Mover and fantastic people, it was an unforgettable experience.

The pictures say it all:

IMG_20150916_083218 (1)








Thank you to all the participants, and a huge thank you to Patrick Ollivier and Jean-Luc Mazzone who have put together these group fitness classes. They are our Swiss distributors and have made a huge impact on the Me-Mover movement. Keep on Moving!

If you are in Lausanne, Switzerland and are interested in participating a Me-Mover group fitness class please email [email protected] These fitness classes are for people of all fitness levels, so just sign up and give it a go! We can guarantee that this will be an experience like no other.

//The Me-Mover team

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