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Me-Mover Fitness go to a Physiotherapy Exposition in Odense

This weekend the Me-Mover team went to a physiotherapy convention in Odense, Denmark. The Danske Fysioterapeuters Fagkongres was a great way to connect with professionals in the field. We got some great feedback from physiotherapists, and also had the chance to introduce a lot of new people to the Me-Mover FIT.

One of these people was an elderly lady who suffered from “foot drop” and had to use a cane. It was great seeing her master the Me-Mover in a couple of minutes, leaving her cane behind!

The Me-Mover is truly lower impact than walking, and a great way for people to get around when otherwise they couldn’t.

Our man-of-many-talents, Khoa, took photographs of the event – have a look!

The Me-Mover Fitness booth, working with our friends FIT Partner
Lots of new Me-Movers on show! Which is your favourite?
Close up of the new blue Me-Mover – so shiny!
It is all about balance! Don’t worry – you wont fall when stationary.
Jonas, the CEO, teaching good technique
Lets go!

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