Me-Mover FIT - Me-Mover FIT User Manual And How To Videos


Read the Me-Mover FIT user manual. If you have any additional questions please contact our support team at [email protected]!

How to assemble the Me-Mover FIT?

1. Mount Locking Pin
2. Align the holes
3. Insert the mounting bolt
4. Tighten the bolt

How to fold the Me-Mover FIT?

1. Remove the safety clip
2. Put your feet right in front of the back wheel
3. Pull the front brake (or press it backwards and lock it)
4. Push the steering column forward
5. Release the locking pin
6. Fold the Me-Mover and put the locking pin back in place

How to align and tighten the transmission?

1. Make sure that the front column is straight
2. Lift the pedals as high as possible
3. Align the pedals : make sure they are parallel to the steering column
4. Tighten all the 3 bolts at the bottom

How to mount the brake cables

1. Mount both cables to the front (steering column)
2. Connect the front brake cable to the left brake handle
3. Mount the front brake cable to the front brake itself
4. Connect the rear brake to the right handle and the rear brake itself
5. Attach the cable end protectors to the ends of both wires
6. Always remember to check your brakes before you start Me-Moving


Read the Me-Mover user manual. If you have any additional questions please contact our support team at [email protected]!

Me-Mover general instruction video

1. Adjust the Me-Movers steering frame according to your height
2. Adjust the foot clips so they fit snugly to the foot
3. Test both brakes before you start moving
4. Try to move and lift your feet differently - the lowest (leisure) speed is up to 12 km/hour


Adjustment of the front brake caliper

Adjustment of the fork front

Change your chain

Adjustment of the rear brake caliper

Assemnbling the centre block

Adjustment of the streering column

Mounting the front rack

Accessories to the Me-Mover

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