Me-Mover FIT shortlisted for the Running Products Award 2018 - nordic edition – Me-Mover


Me-Mover FIT shortlisted for the Running Products Award 2018 – nordic edition

Me-Mover Fitness and the Me-Mover FIT have been shortlisted for the running products award 2018!

Nominated! Cross your fingers, folks!

The Running Products Award is a new initiative here in Scandinavia. Focusing on the best products on the nordic market, the RPA are looking to reward innovation in the running industry. And, where better to start than with the Me-Mover FIT?

The Exposition and award ceremony will be held during the infamous Copenhagen Marathon in Denmark. 10,000 brave runners will tackle the city once again (Let’s hope they conditioned their knees, spine, and ankles on the Me-Mover beforehand!).

The nomination comes during Me-Mover Fitness’ ongoing participation in the Zero2Royal initiative – A sports rehabilitation programme for 6 lucky participants who, with the right training and the right tools (Hint: the Me-Mover), will run the Royal 10km despite having no previous running experience. Each participant is suffering from something that has stopped them exercising in the past. The super low-impact yet high training efficiency of the Me-Mover is getting them back on track.

Why the Me-Mover for runners?

There is a reason why professional athletes like Wilson Kipketer (previous world record holder) have used the Me-Mover as part of their training.

The answer is simple. Runners often have to limit or even stop their training because of the risk of injury. A competitive runner is always at risk – pushing the human body to its limit day after day. The Me-Mover is a great way to lower that risk, and also protect against injury in the future.

Super low-impact and low risk

It is no surprise that the Me-Mover is lower impact than running. But, did you know it is also lower impact than cycling and even walking? For the competitive runner that means they can push themselves for longer without too much strain on key joints.

High transfer effect

The Me-Mover uses very similar muscles to running, as well as building on important areas that runners often neglect. Indeed, Wilson Kipketer and Henrik Them – both experts in their fields with accolades to prove it! -comment how the Me-Mover is the closest thing to running but running itself. Plus, being able to build your core automatically is so important for modern athletes. Studies have found that, as well as building a more all-round and more efficient athlete, a developed core “will help improve neuromuscular control and hopefully reduce injuries”. The good thing is, the Me-Mover does all this in one!

Ergonomic, up-right, easy on the knees and key joints – it is the perfect rehab tool.

Protecting against Risk in the long run

As above, the fact the Me-Mover automatically engages the core is so significant for competitive athletes. By building the core, they lower the risk of injury. Plus, the ergonomic up-right riding position builds strength in the back, and encourages blood to flow to key joints uninhibited. This have been proven to build strength in these areas over time. For the runner this means stronger knees in the long run (pun intended).

So, will more athletes be joining Henrik Them, Wilson Kipketer and Natalie Thomas and start training with the Me-Mover? We certainly hope so! 

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