A step machine on wheels, the FIT activates 6 of 8 major muscle groups, so you get more exercise in less time. It is a full body trainer that gets you fit faster; high intensity workout, low impact and a blast to ride.


Equally good for fitness and building strength it is also proven to be a great tool for rehabilitation; lower back, knee, ankle, heel issues etc.

With the FIT package, you also get a home trainer and variable resistance add-on for even more flexible and efficient workouts.

 The Me-Mover FIT Gives You More Exercise in Less Time

Outdoor, off-road, indoor – anywhere, anytime.

More exercise because you activate 6 of the 8 major muscle groups at the same time for maximum caloric burn. By distributing the load across several muscles, you are not over-exerting a specific muscle, and thus radically reducing your resting period.

More exercise because you can take it with you anywhere you go. This is the gym that joins you! Use it to get fit to work, run an errand, or enjoy the Great Outdoors!

More exercise because you are targeting the right muscles: strengthen your core and lower back for improved overall balance and stability. Rehabilitate your body and protect your joints with low impact, effective training.

More exercise because above all, it’s FUN. This is exercise that is irresistible and gets you fast results. You’ll be excited to train and be in the best shape of your life!

When measuring muscle activity in the lab, comparing various modes of Me-Moving (normal pace, half pace, big steps, sprint, two legged jump etc.) and traditional exercises such as running, crunches, lunges, squats, biking etc. the researchers were amazed to see the number of muscles engaged when Me-Moving, as well as the intensity of activity in the muscles.

Me-Moving combines high-intensity workout with ultra-low impact on your joints. You strengthen your legs, glutes, core, back, pectorals and even your arms. The G-force impact on your joints is radically lower on the Me-Mover than when running, and even lower than a walk.

It means that Me-Moving is not only a more effective full body workout- but also safer and carrying radically lower risk of injuries.


When comparing different everyday exercise methods that impact the joints (knees, ankles, and the spine) with Me-Moving, it has been established that Me-Moving has radically lower impact than running and walking, even at maximum intensity exercise.

At the same time the ergonomically correct, upright standing position is more gentle on the back and neck than for instance cycling.

“The Me Mover has been validated as being effective in terms of activating core muscles and activating a greater number of muscle groups in the body than found with for instance running. The Me Mover operates with a very low G-force, resulting in minimal risk of long-term knee, hip or spinal injury"

Dr. Adrian Harrison, D. Phil. (cantab),
University of Copenhagen

“I first saw the Me-Mover in the Swiss newspapers, and immediately knew it has a huge future. I immediately fell in love! I now host regular outdoor group fitness classes and my students absolutely love the Me-Mover. It’s a fantastic high-intensity interval trainer that strengthens a whole range of muscles. I even get my marathon running clients to incorporate the Me-Mover in their training regime to get them prepared. It is a fantastic full body fitness tool.”

 Patrick Ollivier, fitness instructor.