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Me-Mover at ISPO 2016 was a hit!

Me-Mover at ISPO 2016 was a hit!

For the second year in a row, Me-Mover was represented at ISPO Munch. ISPO is one of the world’s leading trade fairs in outdoor action, sport, fitness and wellness and went from the 24-27 of January 2016. It was a fantastic experience with hundreds of visitors and tonnes of great feedback!

With great anticipation, Jonas and Stig flew to Munich to represent Me-Mover. The two-man team may have been small, but the results were massive! They spoke with people from all industry backgrounds and received wonderful responses.

Building a global network
ISPO being an international trade fair attracted professionals from across the globe. The team mainly spoke with people from Europe: Germany, Italy, Australia, Switzerland and eastern Europeans. There was also interest from the Middle East! In total over 90 leads were collected – this is an impressive feat and we are very excited to see partnerships develop.

The types of people that were naturally gravitated towards the Me-Mover were fitness users, personal trainers, skiers, runners, and water sports enthusiasts. People from all walks of life came up to the booth – from distributors to students from Spain and Germany who want to test and promote the Me-Mover.



The real enticement is the fun factor that the Me-Mover brings to fitness – it is almost impossible to ride one without a big grin on your face! Having such a blast while strengthening your muscles and improving your stamina is really unique to Me-Moving. Visitors seemed to grasp the concept immediately – once you try the Me-Mover and feel the way it affects your body and muscles, words are not really needed!

Perhaps one of the highlights was meeting and speaking with a German Olympic athlete. We won’t divulge too much information just yet, but we made an interesting sponsorship deal that is soon to be revealed. Stay tuned for that!


Being at a trade show like ISPO never disappoints – it is where the best of the industry come together in one place. We are proud to have been surrounded by inspiring products. What stood out was a company called Patagonia. They launched a programme called worn to wear where they go around different cities with trucks to fix clothes. The idea is to minimize waste and encourage people to buy less. They also organise clothes swaps. Patagonia has been producing organic cotton t-shirts for over 20 years, since the founder discovered that the materials in the old clothes were making staff sick. We were awe-inspired and just think this is such a fantastic company with a commendable vision.

What’s more is that they served the world’s best coffee according to Jonas. A company called Solde Kaffebar from Malmø were handling the bar for CRAFT. It was heaven!


Lastly, we want to give a shout-out to our friendly neighbours Kinematix, Fitwood, EasyMotionSkin, Slashpipe and gym80. We were surrounded by wonderful people, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Stig wearing EasyMotionSkin suit
Stig wearing the EasyMotionSkin suit
The singing salesman!
The singing salesman!


The point in going to these trade shows is to build a network and grow the Me-Mover community. The Me-Mover community consists of amazing people with a shared interest for making people move.

One of our first Kickstarter backers, Ada, came to ISPO and showed her support. This is the kind of interaction and engagement that Me-Mover lives for. We not only want to make the world a healthier place, we also love to interact and engage with you, our customers.


We have loads of exciting new things in store for you and will be frequently sharing news and information on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


That’s all for now!


All the best from cold Copenhagen,
The Me-Mover team

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