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Me-Mover at Copenhagen Health Week 2015

Me-Mover at Copenhagen Health Week 2015

We attended the inaugural Copenhagen Health Week!




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Imagine an entire week of fun-filled activities all around the city, free events, great discounts, and unforgettable experiences to inspire you into living a healthier lifestyle – that was Copenhagen Health Week! We had a fantastic time during the inaugural event from the 23-30 August 2015 right here in Copenhagen.

#CHW2015 was an opportunity to experiment with new gadgets, taste delightfully nutrient-rich foods and make new friends who share the same passion for being active, fit and healthy. Sound great, right? The moment we heard about this event, we knew we had to be there.

We participated in #CHW2015 by hosting 5 events throughout week. We were at various locations the week offering exclusive 30-minute free fitness sessions on the Me-Mover! This is the very first time we have offered these kinds of classes here in Copenhagen and can we just say WOW! We had an amazing experience and an even more amazing response from participants!

With Jonas Eliasson (CEO of Me-Mover) and Stig Larsen (a partner) as the instructors, the participants had an immersive Me-Mover experience. The session began with an introduction of the Me-Mover: what it is, how to ride it, and its usages and benefits. Then, after a few minutes of getting used to riding it, the class hit the road. With a pre-planned route, Jonas took the class through various exercises on the Me-Mover: using various pedal ranges, gaining speed, doing interval training and then ultimately practicing the unique carving motion to really activate the core muscles. Every person that participated in these classes came back with a huge smile on their face and a glistening, sweaty forehead. Not only did they have fun but they also experienced a new and effective way to be fit and healthy. In just 30 minutes they got a full-on workout – which for us was a job well done!

The impressive part was, despite some terrible weather, people still came for the classes. It was amazing to see the commitment and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle and trying out new things – you guys are legends!

First Me-Mover class of the day! All smiles:)
First Me-Mover class of the day! All smiles:)





These legends came out despite the terrible weather
These legends came out despite the terrible weather



Thank you to Copenhagen Health Week for organising such an awesome event! We cannot wait for next year.


//The Me-Mover team



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