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Losing weight FAST with the Me-Mover – Hervé’s story

Me-Moving is great for losing weight FAST. Me-Moving is an intense full-body exercise. Because of its super low impact design, you can push yourself harder and for longer, and in turn, achieve your goal faster.

That is exactly what our ambassador and friend Hervé Miquel did on his Me-Mover.

Hervé rides more miles than most, with rides averaging around 60km!

Hervé purchased his Me-Mover in 2016 and has been riding ever since. In 2017, Hervé had ridden nearly 4000kms on his Me-Mover – that requires a lot of endurance and mental strength!

From using the Me-Mover, Hervé has lost almost 20kg, with a goal to 35kg. We salute his hard work and success!

A beautiful trail is one way to keep motivated through the miles.

“I received my Me-Mover just before the summer of 2016. I hadn’t done any sport for a long time (I’m 52 years old) and i was really overweight – I weighed more than 125kg. In the first test, I did 6km and I was already tired, but after six months of practice, I could tackle more than 60km easily. I’ve lost almost 20kg (my goal is 35) and I have gained the legs of an athlete on a good day!”

You can follow Hervé and other passionate Me-Mover riders on popular apps such as Endomondo and Strava.

Hervé clocks more miles than anyone in the Me-Mover office – even Jonas, inventor and CEO!

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