Last chance to add accessories + how to choose colors etc. + next steps – Me-Mover


Last chance to add accessories + how to choose colors etc. + next steps

Last chance to add accessories + how to choose colors etc. + next steps

Final hours!

Hello Kickstarters! We are closing in to the end of the project. 6 hours to go now. We are in awe of the continuous support and engagement from you all – THANK YOU- it has been an absolute privilege working with you!

Just wanted to notify you, if you want to add some accessories to your Me-Mover, now is the last chance to do so 🙂

 To add an accessory, select the accesories you want, calculate the price then go to the top right corner of our profile page, just to the right of the project movie / image is a blue button “Manage your pledge” and manually add the cost of the accessories to your pledge, when done send us a message through kickstarter describing the accessories you have chosen.

And you are done!

How to choose colours etc.

After the Kickstarter project is finished, we will send out a survey to our backers.

Have you ordered a Me-Mover you now have the opportunity to select the colour, you can also now choose the colour of your helmet if you are in for one. We will also ask you for delivery address and details.

Backers that pledged $ 10 or more, will get their names printed on the packaging material. This means that each and every Me-Mover box that is sent around the world will have YOUR name on it. We will ask you to provide what name you want to have there. Please note this is a personal touch- signifying how much YOU mean for the success and life of the project – therefore we do not allow company names or product names. Nicknames is ok as long as it is not vulgar or obscene 🙂

Next steps

There will be a lot of stuff happening after the Kickstarter ends. We are already preparing the order of the first batch, and making final adjustments based on the 0-series units that we have gotten home. Everything looks fine now, but we know there is a lot of work and we will be paying close attention to the production process going forward.

We will also build up an Ambassador platform – in dialogue with our fantastic ambassadors, and at a point we will also open up our webshop. Just so that you know- You Kickstarters will be the absolute first to get your stuff 🙂

But first we will have some champagne to celebrate with our GREAT team that have been working miracles – you are BRILLIANT!

For me a day off with the kids. And a dinner with my beloved wife that admirably have put up with me during this very intensive month!

AND we will keep you posted also going forward, on progress and news.


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