Innovation Day – Me-Mover


Innovation Day

Innovation Day

So what really happened on this Innovation day?

We drove to a place in the south of Copenhagen and began by lighting the fireplace and brewed some tea and coffee. We were in a gorgeous big room with lots of light and a fantastic view of the harbour. A perfect new setting to let our creative juices flow. After a short introduction from Jonas and Lars (one of the board members) we soon realised it’s going to be a perfect mix of business and fun.



We started the day off  by writing down our crazy and ridiculous ideas on how to develop the Me-Mover in the future. Soon the board looked flooded with multi-coloured post-it notes. The ideas were divided into different categories like “add-ons”, “product extensions”, lifestyle projections and quite a few philosophical elements. It was a smorgasbord of great ideas.



We had a yummy pizza lunch, followed by several rounds of presentations in the later half of the day with the most key ideas. The outcome of this day was tremendous: we got a whole catalogue of possible future developments, and also a more focused collection of ‘top picks’.

We went home exhausted but rich with ideas and thoughts buzzing in our head.


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