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Right side transmission/pedal issue.

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    Hello, for the past couple of months I have been having an issue with my Me-Mover Fit 1.0 pedal/transmission. The right side pedal started “skipping” intermittently (while pedaling the pedal would suddenly go loose and drop a few inches before returning to normal). A few rides later the same pedal started getting stuck in mid-pedal motion intermittently (while pedaling the pedal would get stuck mid-pedal and could not be pressed down further, lifting the pedal again would release the issue). After checking the Me-Mover instruction manual troubleshooting section, it seems there could be multiple issues possibly involving chains, sprockets, springs, etc. I contacted Me-Mover support ([email protected]) at the end of March 2017, I received a response immediately saying they would review the issue and get back to me. It has been over a month now and I have not heard back. I sent multiple follow up messages inquiring about the issue, but I am getting no response.

    Does anyone know if the response time is usually more than a month or has my issue maybe gotten lost in the system? Does anyone know how I can contact the Me-Mover team for help? Please advise. Thanks so much for any help or information.

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