Me-Mover Euro Challenge for the Danish Diabetes Association and Diabetes UK


Me-Mover is launching its “Euro Challenge” fundraising event to help support the fight against diabetes this summer from 1 July – 1 August 2016. Natalie Thomas, a British elite tri-athlete will be participating in the cross-country challenge by riding the Me-Mover FIT from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Lausanne, Switzerland. All donations received through the Generosity page will go to the Danish Diabetes Association, and all donations received through the JustGiving page will go to Diabetes UK.

Natalie Thomas will be riding the Me-Mover FIT from Copenhagen Denmark to Lausanne Switzerland, totaling 1,876 km. The Me-Mover FIT is a compact step-machine on wheels, made for intense full-body exercise, ideally suited for big cities. Me-Mover has made a commitment to improve the health and well-being of all people in the world by creating products that can encourage positive exercise habits and prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

To follow Natalie’s progress watch her vlogs here:

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Dates and locations of the challenge:

Dates Locations
1 July Orehoved (DK)
2 July Grossenbrode (DE)
3 July Bad Segeberg (DE)
4-5 July Hamburg (DE)
6 July Bremen (DE)
7 July Cloppenburg (DE)
8 July Hardenberg (NL)
9 July Lelystad (NLD)
10-11 July Amsterdam (NLD)
12 July Rotterdam (NLD)
13 July Antwerpen (NLD)
14-15 July Brussels (BEL)
16 July Mons(BEL)
17 July Saint-Quentin (FR)
18 July Compiegne (FR)
19-20 July Paris (FR)
21 July Provins (FR)
22 July Troyes (FR)
23 July Spoy (FR)
24 July Chaumont (FR)
25 July Bourbonne-les-Bains (FR)
26 July Fontaine-les-Luxeuil (FR)
27 July Belfort (FR)
28 July Bévilard (CH)
29 July Neuchâtel (CH)
30 July Lausanne (CH)

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