Me-Mover FIT: Indoor + Outdoor Bundle

Enjoy Me-Mover hard core training – anytime and anywhere. Stay fit with outdoor training – keep it up inside with the hometrainer and enjoy the NEW Me-Mover training sessions.

This bundle includes:

  • The Me-Mover FIT in the colour of your choice
  • The special-designed Hometrainer
  • Smartphone mount for your Me-Mover
  • NEWS: 3 months free trial of the Me-Mover training sessions on the Iqniter app/ access to all training sessions on the PREMIUM version**


Save up to 69 Euros – Free shipping in the EU

Me-Mover FIT
Me-Mover FIT
Me-Mover FIT Specifications

Health Benefits

boost performance

Boost performance

Burn 50% more calories

Low impact on joints

Low impact on joints

Build muscle

relieve stress

Relieves stress and anxiety

Fast recovery

Fast recovery

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Save up to 69 Euros - Free shipping in the EU
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