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Me-Mover - The Step Machine On Wheels

Health Benefits

boost performance

Boost performance

Burn 50% more calories

Low impact on joints

Low impact on joints

Build muscle

relieve stress

Relieves stress and anxiety

Fast recovery

Fast recovery

Me-Mover for
Fitness & Running

Me-Mover for
Recovery & Rehab

Me-Mover for
Sports performance

What makes Me-Mover unique


Effective design

Compared to other outdoor elliptical bikes, the Me-Mover has a unique carving effect. You enjoy a glide very close to skiing.


Outdoor + Indoor

Best outdoor elliptical cross trainer comes with the option of indoor trainer which helps you to enjoy your favorite workouts no matter the weather.


Low Impact

It helps to achieve better results by protecting your joints while you exercise.



The Me-Mover is the portable elliptical that you can take with you anywhere, so enjoy your fitness exercises everywhere you go.

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Trusted by Drs., Athletes & Fitness Professionals

Healthcare professionals share their opinions of the Me-Mover

A great alternative to running as you can load more or less the same muscles but you don’t have the same load on the joints and tendons.

Henning Langberg
Professor, (DMSc, PhD, CBA (ATV))

It’s a great alternative if you have to take care of your knee, for example, and can’t handle much impact. Good balance and core training!


Compared with cycling, jogging or running, it’s the activity of a whole series of muscles together that gives a fantastic work-out

Dr Adrian Harrison Langberg
D. Phil. (cantab), University of Copenhagen
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