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Rediscover Well-Being: redefine your rehab journey. Regain mobility, agility, protect joints, and improve posture with ease.


Elevate Your Workouts: Embrace a new fitness adventure. Indoors or outdoors, seamlessly combine cardio and strength.


Optimize Athletic Excellence: For champions, it’s the ultimate high-quality training tool. Precision, strength, and peak potential unlocked

Me-Mover Fit

Designed for individuals who prefer safe and consistent workouts. It’s beginner-friendly thanks to its lower center of gravity and smaller wheels. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor training.


Me-Mover Speed

Meticulously crafted for those enthusiasts who crave unparalleled speed and extended riding distances, all while savoring the refined and unique carving motion it delivers.


Me-Mover Speed Ultra

An enhanced version of the Me-Mover Speed, which features upgraded materials and added accessories. Rechargeable light kit, GPS, sports handlebar, foot cushions and more! Each order is custom-built.


Unveiling Me-Mover

Automatic transmission

This cutting-edge technology seamlessly adjusts gears based on your pedal movements, all in an entirely automated manner. Additionally, it boasts a distinctive triple-chain system concealed within its sleek and compact design, ensuring it doesn't overwhelm your living space or garage.

Stepping mechanism

Exercise indoors (Me-Mover Fit) and outdoors. The dual independent transmission systems offer the added advantage of allowing you to prioritize one leg over the other. This flexibility becomes especially valuable in cases of knee, back, or hip injuries, making a significant impact on your rehabilitation journey.

Carving mechanism

Leaning on the Me-Mover isn't just an entertaining endeavor, it's also remarkably stable and safe thanks to its intelligently engineered geometry and unique three-wheel design. This innovative approach creates a dynamic experience that blends the essence of skiing, skating, and running all at once – it's like the feeling of "running on wheels."

Folding mechanism

The Me-Mover can be conveniently stowed thanks to its folding capability, and when it stands upright, it occupies just a fraction more space than a single person would. The folding mechanism folds in seconds and allows it to become an ideal companion when traveling by car, plane, bus or train.

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