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"We have been selling and using the Me-Mover in our fitness business since 2015 - We both sell The Me-Mover from our retail network and we use Me-Mover in our other fitness concepts and fitnesscenters. Over the years Me-Mover has enabled us to grow our revenue with over 55% on top of our other busniesses. The main reason is that with the Me-Mover we are able to offer a uniqe and special product. This makes us able to differentiate our retailnetwork and our fitness centers on these highly competitive markets."

I was searching for a fun outdoor 'bike'. I am not sure how I found the Me-Mover, but so glad I did. I purchased 2. One for my husband, and one for me. He is a skier, so he loves the 'carving' feature. These are amazing. You can go as fast, or as slow as you want. You can even ride using only one leg, if so needed. Definitely can be a great HIIT workout, or a leisurely stroll

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