The Me-Mover – Not just a fitness gimmick!

The fitness world is no exception when it comes to the passing fitness gimmick. Who remembers the vibrating belt? Or what about the Shake Weight? We’re not saying they don’t work – and we applaud any product that gets people in the positive mind-set to lose weight and achieve their goals. But as a company with an interest in sustainable solutions that last the test of time, we can’t help but think of all the wacky machines growing dusty in unused rooms, or simply used as an object to store things on rather than exercise.

Of course, the question is, how can we know that the Me-Mover won’t go the same way? Is it just another fitness gimmick?

Fit or fad? Whatever the answer, you cannot deny it is fun through the city!


We don’t think so!  Looking at 5 of the biggest current fitness trends, we can safely confirm that the Me-Mover is a head above the rest. The Me-Mover is the future of fitness!

High Intensity Interval Training


 HIIT, or high intensity interval training, has become a major fitness trend lately. This is a form of short intense exercise that is then combined with either short low intensity exercise, or a short period of rest. The reason it is so effective as a workout is due to the efficiency, which means a more successful workout results from less time., meaning you can easily fit your workout into a busy lifestyle. As your Me-Mover can also switch between high intensity and low intensity movements, you can efficiently keep up with this trend! And it’s even better than that – whilst HIIT can sometimes cause exertion and stress to the body, the Me-Mover has a low impact on joints, causing very little strain on the body, meaning there could be no better product to perform HIIT workouts with!

Wearable tech


Wearable fitness devices and tracking apps have hugely increased in popularity recently. From apple watches to fitbits, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your progress, whether that’s speed or distances, which is undoubtedly an asset to training. The great news is that all these devices can be worn whilst using the Me-Mover, so you’re able to reliably keep track of your progress through working out with it, meaning goals and targets can be set and reached with ease. We’ve also got a growing community of people who use these trackers and compare their stats on Endomondo and Strava, so you can keep up with the Me-Mover community through sharing yours!

There’s a reason why they call it the “great” outdoors!


There’s been a noticed influx of people ditching the gym in favour of exercising in the great outdoors. It’s probably partially because of the flexible nature – the gym has opening and closing hours, but the outdoors does not – and partially the result of a desire to get in touch with nature rather than spending time staring at a brick wall. Either way, this trend is another that the Me-Mover can easily get on board with! It works perfectly when taken outside, regardless of terrain. However you want to work out, and wherever you want to do this, the Me-Mover will assist you! Through using the Me-Mover outside, you won’t get bored of those four walls, and this will help keep your workout exciting. Explore your local area, or fold it up and explore someone elses! Of course, given the climate of various countries, it’s also beneficial that the Me-Mover has the option to be used inside too, so when the cold and rain set in, it won’t impact on your training schedule.

Nothing is a better motivator than being in the great outdoors. Go explore!

Do it with a buddy!


Group training, or buddy training, is something which has really come into force lately! The companionship of someone, or several people, to exercise with is motivational to many. It could be the competitive edge which this brings, it could be the fact that there are other people there to be accountable to so you never sleep in instead of exercising again, it could be that it’s just more fun to have other people around when you’re working out. Whatever the reason, the Me-Mover can accommodate this! It’s super easy to transport your Me-Mover, meaning that workouts with buddies are no trouble at all, whether you’re doing them in one location, or on the move. Plus, we’ve noticed the upright riding position encourages a good chit-chat! Our own group training events are a great get-together in Denmark. So grab some friends, and get Me-Moving!

Healthy body, healthy mind


Finally, the mindful aspect of exercise has taken dominance lately. People are becoming increasingly aware of exercising in a manner which posits mental results as well as physical ones. Through mindfulness, focus is on increased awareness of your movements, body position and breathing, all of which is hugely beneficial to your workout. This means not only do you get more out of your workout, but you get to boost your mental state at the same time. This is an attitude and way of exercising which can be applied to all workouts, and the Me-Mover certainly also enables these benefits to occur! With the Me-Movers upright riding position you’re standing naturally – not hunched over handlebars or a dumbbell – with your head up and your lungs open. Through commuting on the Me-Mover, you’ll not only get in shape, but also be in a positive mindset to start your day at work from the best place possible.

So, there you have it – the Me-Mover is keeping up with the current fitness trends!

Here to stay: The Me-Mover is ergonomic, efficient and exciting to ride!

Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

pppssstttt! It is worth stating though, that the trends which tend more towards the weird and wonderful aren’t very Me-Mover compliant. For example, skateboarding pilates is something which the Me-Mover just can’t accommodate… But that’s also almost definitely a fitness trend that won’t last too long.

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Written by Ruth Davis