Runner’s Knee nightmare : Me-Mover moves towards solving the issue

Me-Mover moves towards solving Runners knee issue

The unthinkable has happened. A deep-rooted stomach pain mirrors the very real and uncomfortable pain in your knee. You must come to terms with the gut-wrenching fact that you are suffering from Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), better known as the dreaded runner’s knee.

Runner’s knee is reported to be one of the most common running ailments, and steps, hills and uneven terrain seek only to aggravate its wrath further.

Symptoms can vary from tenderness behind or around the patella, the epicentre usually located towards the central kneecap area and pain felt towards the back area of the knee with a sensation of weakness and the feeling that the knee might give out.

There is a reason why professional athletes like Wilson Kipketer (previous world record holder) have used the Me-Mover as part of their training.


Runner’s knee results when running stress creates inflammation in the area where the kneecap (patella) rests upon the thigh bone (femur).

Bio-mechanical issues are thought to be the primary cause, with weakness and poor conditioning of the quadriceps and tightened hamstrings indicated as main trigger factors.

As with any injury, it is important to seek the right medical advice before embarking on any ‘self treatment’, so ensuring no underlying issues threaten successful recovery or cause further damage.



What can we do when faced with issues such as not only runners knee but also conditions like shin splints, herniated disks or lower back pain?

Reducing mileage and working on strengthening exercises are probably the two most important factors. Utilising low impact full body exercise regimes similar to those offered by Me-Mover significantly promotes pain relief and helps to bolster many areas of the body, including;

  • Spine
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Ankles


Working with equipment such as the Me-Mover helps to reduce load and offer low impact exercise opportunities and provide cross training workouts tailored to personal requirements. It’s a commonly known fact, that the actions performed during running create massive impact forces which can often cause damage to a runner’s joints. Fortunately, you can avoid this type of injury by using equipment such as the Me-Mover FIT 2.0. The step machine’s design ensures that impact is not only reduced but in fact eliminated entirely as the users’ feet never actually make contact with the road’s surface.

Exercises such as hamstring, calf and quadricep stretches, wall squats, leg raise and knee extensions are all also of great benefit when working towards injury resolution and details on how to safely and efficiently perform these exercises are easily sourced online or by utilising the services of a personal trainer or qualified physical therapist.

Stretch regularly – encouraged blood flow and fight against the build up of acids in key areas.


Research confirms that stabilising the kinetic chain, also known as the ‘Human Movement System’ is key to reducing runners knee pain. In 1955 Art Steindler, an orthopaedic surgeon identified the kinetic chain and the theory that joints and muscles don’t work individually but unite in togetherness to operate as a group during all physical motion.

This kinetic chain comprises of three interrelated systems:

  • MUSCULAR – Fascia, tendons, ligaments, muscles
  • ARTICULAR – Joints/Bones
  • NERVOUS – Central and peripheral nerves In short, it’s everything ‘body’ that makes us physically us!
A safe, fun workout – a great way to mix up your running schedule.


As individuals, we are unique, and so it’s hardly a surprise that our workout needs are too. Whether we want to train outdoors, develop off-road skills or action our indoor Super Hero, we need to find a way to provide necessary strength work and encourage nerves, muscles and joints to work together producing motion as in the theory of how the kinetic chain works. Me-Movers FIT innovative design offers a personalised, and dedicated training plan, supporting low impact activities and helping to activate and develop six major muscle groups.

The fun fitness opportunities provided by the Me-Mover further cements the three-wheeled outdoor step machine is sure to be a great hit for all users and clearly an excellent lifestyle choice.

Me-Mover Fitness: FIBO 2017 Trade Fair Experience from Participants side

Me-mover exhibits outdoor step machine on FIBO Passion (Fitness Expo) 2017 Cologne, Germany

Me-Mover Fitness: FIBO 2017 Experience

Each year, during the month of April, the Koelnmesse is host to one of the biggest fitness trade fairs in the world: FIBO – the Leading International Trade Fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health that is held annually in April – since 2013 in Cologne. Thousands of people travel from outside of Germany to see the current fitness and health industry trends and innovations at the world-renowned exhibition. This year exhibitors from 49 different nations came to Cologne to promote their products and services, including us!

A small but mighty stall at FIBO! It was great to talk to so many people in the industry.

FIBO 2017 took place from the 6-9 April. This year we had four Me-Mover Fitness members in Cologne to promote the Me-Mover FIT 2.0: Stig, Syed, Karim, and Jonas.

Every morning the team Me-Moved to the Koelnmesse.  It was quite funny to see that on our commutes the inner child came out in all of us, often having races or challenging each other to Me-Move up steep hills. It was great fun, and we got to enjoy the scenery while also receiving quite a lot of attention, handing out business cards to interested pedestrians on the way. It is safe to say that the Me-Mover FIT 2.0 was quite the eye-catcher on and off the fair.

It was great to have a space for fitness fanatics to have a go.

We stayed in a cozy 2 bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the centre, spending the majority of the evenings at Picolla Essen & Trinken enjoying their amazing steak and Italian cuisine. After enjoying dinner we usually sat in the living room of the apartment where we had debates about current world events and shared stories and jokes before retreating to our bedrooms.  Of course we had to make sure we got to bed on time with us having to be at the fair again the next morning by 8:30. However, Karim and Stig always found a bit of time to watch some Top-Gear before calling it a night!

During the first days the team rode around the numerous exhibition halls on the Me-Mover allowing people to try out the product and to let them know there would be Me-Mover fitness classes (bootcamps).

We had brought the Me-Mover Home Trainer to show people how the product worked at the stand but couldn’t resist taking interested fairgoers out for a spin too. On the latter days we had arranged a large space in one of the many halls where we could conduct classes and have people try out the product more frequently. At some points we had so many people wanting to try out the product that they actually had to stand in line!  We were happy to see that people from different backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and ages were interested in trying out the Me-Mover. From children, to pensioners and leisurely athletes to bodybuilders, everyone wanted to try out the Me-Mover!

When people tried out the Me-Mover, the first thing we made sure of is that they felt safe on it. Some people struggled to find their balance but after the guidance of Karim and Jonas, they soon felt comfortable gliding around. After about 2-3 laps of getting used to the stepping motion, Karim showed the test drivers some of the new Me-Mover exercises, which you might have seen on our Facebook page. Seeing so many people enjoying and performing the different exercises was great to see. A lot of people were actually quite surprised as to how versatile and exhausting Me-Moving can be! Because of the queues we had, our temporary playground gained more and more attention. It was a great experience to see so many people enjoy the Me-Mover and express their excitement in so many different ways! That is why we do any of this, so it was a really great experience.

Clearly a lot of fun!

All in all the team thoroughly enjoyed their time in Cologne. In fact the only thing that we struggled with was carrying 4 Me-Mover FIT’s up the stairs to the apartment after the long days at FIBO 2017.

If you are a fitness fanatic or like to keep up to date with the newest fitness trends and innovations, we would definitely recommend visiting FIBO. The atmosphere is amazing and all of the exhibitors are the most humble and friendly people you will meet, regardless of their fame or background.