Ralph Baard: How the Me-Mover has made me stronger

Me-Mover User Case: Ralph Baard pt. 3

Over the past months we have been following Ralph Baard’s inspirational and motivating story. Upon discovering a hole in his heart, Ralph had a pacemaker installed and ever since has made it his mission to be as active and healthy as possible. By using the Me-Mover on a regular basis, Ralph has made tremendous progress in his fitness.

Here is the final part of his three-part user case:

Earlier this fall we added a second Me-Mover to the family. We visited the Me-Mover team in Copenhagen in August and Dustin fell in love with the Me-Mover, so we are now a two Me-Mover family. The advantage is that we can both go out on the trails around Spokane and we love being able to ride them together. In case you are wondering about how easy these are to transport, we take them with us wherever possible. In fact, we recently took road trips to Oregon and to Kansas and had the two Me-Movers and all of our luggage in the back of our Volvo XC60. (Naturally we had to have the back seats down and only had room for the two of us in the car, but it worked really well).

Dustin Daugherty loving his new Me-Mover
Dustin Daugherty loving his new Me-Mover

Since getting the Me-Mover I continue to notice improvements in my fitness level specifically in the areas of strength and endurance:

Core Strength

The Me-Mover forces you to stabilize your core and to work on balance – especially when you are carving down hills. This means that your core strength improves. I began noticing a difference after only a couple of weeks of riding my Me-Mover. At the gym we often incorporate the plank position, which involves being face down with your forearms and toes touching the ground and your body elevated, supported by your core muscles. Prior to Me-Mover I could hold this position for about a minute. These days I am able to hold the position for 5 minutes without a problem. This is no doubt a result of regular Me-Moving!

Legs and Glutes

One of the most surprising things about the Me-Mover is how quickly you notice a difference in the shape and strengths of your legs and glutes. After only two weeks of using the Me-Mover I noticed that my pants were fitting very differently. Loose at the waist and tighter across the thighs and derrière. In fact, I noticed a significant difference in the way Dustin’s jeans were fitting after only a couple of weeks as well. He does not ride the Me-Mover nearly as much as I do and it was amazing to see how quickly his body responded to the new form of exercise.


There is no doubt that the Me-Mover has impacted my endurance in a very positive way. Prior to Me-Moving, I would never have considered jogging. Running was always really painful for me, not only because I would so easily become winded and was thus unable to run very far, but also because my technique was not very good. Yesterday, I decided to go for a run since the roads are too icy to be able to Me-Move. I was very surprised at the distances I was able to run, and also how improved my technique was! My theory is that the Me-Mover forces me into a better running position where my body weight is forward and the weight is more on the balls of my feet. This is an ideal position for running. So, when I am off the Me-Mover and running, my body seems to automatically know what the correct running stance is. Additionally, a couple of weeks ago I was on a business trip and had to use the hotel gym since it was raining outside. I was on the elliptical for an hour and a half at a pretty high difficulty setting. Prior to achieving my Me-Mover fitness level, I used to be able to do 45 minutes maximum on an elliptical. I can honestly say that after an hour and a half I could have kept going if I had the time. On our last trip we flew to Palm Springs, California and were not able to take our Me-Movers along. I was able to complete a six-mile jog, which is amazing to me as I could never have run that distance before Me-Mover came into my life.

Keep in mind that the result I am seeing is after several months of Me-Moving. I don’t think I would have seen these results after a week or two on the Me-Mover. Almost anyone can ride a Me-Mover and can easily increase their fitness level – all it takes is a commitment to ride for 15 minutes a day. After a while as fitness increases, you can continue to increase the time you spend on the Me-Mover. Honestly, you will automatically increase your ride time as it’s just so much fun! 

Winter is now in full swing in Spokane; we have had snow on-and-off and it is rather cold outside. Sadly, this means that my Me-Mover is in my garage waiting for the snow and ice on my street to melt before I can take it out again. I am very excited to see the inclusion of the home trainer with the new Me-Mover FIT! Next winter I will still be able to Me-Move even if there is a blizzard raging outside! I can’t wait for that. The best part about using the Me-Mover is not only seeing these remarkable results, but also having so much fun while getting fit!