Ralph Baard: Results after 6 weeks of exercise on the Me-Mover

Ralph Baard: Results after 6 weeks of exercise on the Me-Mover

Me-Mover User Case: Ralph Baard Part 2

A few weeks ago we introduced our new blog series, where we got to hear part one of Ralph Baard’s inspirational journey to regaining a healthy heart. Upon discovering a hole in his heart, Ralph underwent two heart surgeries and had a pacemaker installed. Determined not to let this hinder him or define him in any way, he made it his mission to be his healthiest and fittest version he can be. He chose the Me-Mover as his way of doing that, and the outcome has been fantastic.

This is part two of Ralph’s story, where he tells us about the amazing results after 6 weeks of exercise on the Me-Mover.


“The Me-Mover is the very best fitness tool I have used. I can guarantee that you can get absolutely remarkable results in just 6 weeks.”


Wow! Has it really only been six weeks of using my Me-Mover? I feel like I have been riding it for about a year. I wanted to provide some observations, milestones, achievements and thoughts about owning a Me-Mover. My results after 6 weeks of exercise on the Me-Mover have been remarkable.

My first ride

First, let me start with my first Me-Mover ride. I am sure anyone who has tried a Me-Mover will remember their first ride.

I had my Me-Mover set up in my driveway and I was a little intimidated. My driveway is very steep and all I could picture was getting on my Me-Mover, then flying down the driveway and crashing into the tree on the opposite side of the street! I decided to walk  my Me-Mover to the end of the street and try to ride it where the ground was a little more level. I definitely recommend this to any Me-Mover newbies.

Once I had it positioned I needed to figure out how to get on it. At first it is a little intimidating because it does not feel very stable when you step one foot on it. I eventually figured out that I needed to apply the break before trying to mount the Me-Mover so that at least it was not rolling forward. Of course I still had the problem that it felt a little wobbly when I was standing on it, and I again felt like it was going to start rolling down the hill and crash into a tree. It turns out my fears were unfounded: all I needed to do was find my balance, remember to keep my weight forward and trust that the brakes would work.

After a couple of minutes the stepping action came quite naturally and I was off and riding! I quickly learned that the Me-Mover is quite intuitive when climbing up a hill. I have found that on a really steep hill the pedal will naturally remain at the top of the pedal range, and I seem to instinctively know how deep the downward stroke needs to be in order to get it to climb the hill. It only took me about five minutes to learn to ride it and pretty soon I was cruising around my neighbourhood with no problem.


6 weeks of Me-Moving

Six weeks later I feel like a Me-Mover pro. I have been riding a lot and been seeing some amazing results after 6 weeks of exercise. 

If you are wondering what a Me-Mover can do for you, I can guarantee you that you can have absolutely remarkable results in just six weeks if you are willing to put in the time and challenge yourself to increase your fitness level.

Here are some of my results and achievements:


Miles/Kilometers on Me-Mover so far: 225 miles/362km
Weight lost in six weeks: 8lbs/3.63KG
Waist measurement – 2.5 inches less than before
Body Fat Percentage six weeks ago – 22.6%
Body Fat Percentage today – 20.7%
Kcal burned in the month of July on Me-Mover – 29,268 (Data from My Zone)

My core strength has increased significantly. Prior to the Me-Mover I could plank for about 2 minutes before feeling like I had to stop. Now I can plank for 5 minutes. I feel stronger all around and have more stamina and endurance. My trainer is very, very impressed by my progress.

For those interested in hard data, and exactly how effective a Me-Mover can be, it is worth it to read the data and measurements later on in this post. It is amazing how quickly my fitness levels increased thanks to the Me-Mover!

When I first started riding the Me-Mover I would have to stop a lot and catch my breath. I live in Spokane, Washington, which is a city with a lot of hills and I had to work my way up to being able to climb these hills. One of the most famous hills in Spokane is dubbed Doomsday Hill. This hill is 1.1 miles/1.77km in length, has an elevation gain of 167ft/51m in that mile and has a grade of 6.5%. This hill is part of the course for ‘Bloomsday’, which is a major footrace that happens in Spokane each year. Simply put, Doomsday Hill is an absolute quad burn for the runners who attempt it each year. It is also a quad and calf burner for a Me-Mover rider!

Last weekend I went on an extended ride and made it all the way to the top of Doomsday Hill on my Me-Mover without stopping once! The first week that I started riding there was absolutely no way that I could have attempted Doomsday, but with a commitment to myself to try to ride my Me-Mover for just one hour each day, after five and a half weeks, I did it!

Runners going up Doomsday hill on 'Bloomsday' event
Runners going up Doomsday hill on ‘Bloomsday’ event

I also noticed that I was able to start running on my Me-Mover. Today I attempted a sprint and achieved 1km in 2 minutes and 10 seconds. I could not believe how fast I was moving and how easy it was for me to do.

I am SO IMPRESSED with this product that my husband and I decided to make a detour during our holidays. We went to Copenhagen specifically to try the Me-Mover Tour that is offered there and to visit the Me-Mover HQ. I have never done anything like that on any of my travels for any product. (Well my husband did make me detour to the Red Bull factory once because he was totally in love with Red Bull… They would not let us in but they did give us a can of Red Bull to take with us.)

Why would I detour so far out of my way to see this company? Simply put I am very, very impressed and I want to meet the team behind this great product.


Data and results

Since the start of my Me-Mover journey I have taken measurements to track my progress. These measurements prove just how effective the Me-Mover is as a fitness tool, and I want to share them with you.

You might well ask how I can substantiate my claims. To measure mileage I use an application on my iPhone called Road Bike made by a company called Runtastic. To measure heart rate and Kcal burn, I use a heart monitor strap made by a company called My Zone. I also have a trainer at my gym and he measures strength, range of motion, weight and body fat percentage. 


My Zone uses a measurement called MEP to measure heart rate activity while you work out. This is their explanation of how they calculate MEPs.

What are MEPs?
MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) are a new metric for measuring physical activity. MEPs accumulate for every minute of activity that a user spends in the 5 effort (intensity) zones based on one’s individual maximum heart rate. The more effort that is put in, the more MYZONE Effort Points are earned. In addition to MEPs, MYZONE calculates calories burned, duration and time of activity and with the help of bio impedance scales can monitor and track such values as weight, muscle mass, body water %, metabolic age, body fat % and much more.

How does MYZONE calculate the 5 intensity zones?

A: MYZONE uses five colour-coded Heart Rate Zones to establish the effort that users exert based on their maximum heart rate (Max HR). The effort is expressed as a percentage of the user’s Max HR.

The five Heart Rate Zones are:
• Grey = 50% to 60% of Max HR
• Blue = 60% to 70% of Max HR
• Green = 70% to 80% of Max HR
• Yellow = 80% to 90% of Max HR
• Red = 90% to 100% of Max HR

Time spent in each Heart Rate Zone earns different numbers of MEPs:

• Grey = 1 MEPs per minute (50 – 60% of effort)
• Blue = 2 MEPs per minute
• Green = 3 MEPs per minute
• Yellow = 4 MEPs per minute
• Red = 4 MEPs per minute


My maximum heart rate is 177 beats per minute. So for me to be in the green zone would mean that my heart is beating between 123 and 141 beats per minute. Before the Me-Mover I earned an average of 1,000 MEPs per month at the gym in a good month. In the month of July, the first full month that I had the Me-Mover, I earned a whopping 5,936 MEPs. The chart below is an example of what a Me-Mover ride looks like in terms of heart rate zones. Keep in mind what the colours above mean.

The example I use is my longest Me-Mover ride to date when I traveled almost 24 miles 38KM along the Centennial trail on my Me-Mover.

Overview of session
Overview of session
Activity  graph (Intensity Zones)
Activity graph (Intensity Zones)

As you can see, my heart spent a good deal of time in the green and yellow zone, which means that it was in the 70-90% of maximum zone (in my case 123-159 beats per minute). Ask any cardiologist and they will tell you that this is an excellent result.

About 1,000 of those MEPs for the month of July were earned in the gym doing strength training. Roughly 5,000 were earned on my Me-Mover. That’s impressive!

“The Me-Mover is the very best fitness tool I have used”

Bottom line is that the Me-Mover lives up to all its claims. It is the very best fitness tool I have used and, in conjunction with my regular strength training, it is just a winning combination.

I do have one regret. Even though I tried and tried, I could not fit my Me-Mover into my luggage to take it with me on our two-month trip. I will also confess that I am terrified that I am going to lose all the ground I have gained because I can’t think of any physical activity I can do on my trip that will be as effective as my Me-Mover. I do promise that when I return home I will write an article about how my experience on the Me-Mover compares to where I am today. I have a feeling that it will be like starting over for me. 


Stay tuned!


Tired of the same old exercise routine?

Tired of the same old exercise routine?

It is important to switch up your exercise routine so you don’t get bored

me-mover exercise


Type of workout: frog leaps, slalom, one leg pedal,


Get out of the smelly gym and instead workout in the great outdoors on your Me-Mover! Change up your scenery so no two workouts are the same: head out to the park or explore your very own neighbourhood.

While you’re spicing up your routine you go for longer rides and burn more calories. You’ll never be bored while you exercise again!

Happy Me-Moving!