Me-Mover was at the first E'GO Challenge Yourself!

Me-Mover was at the first E’GO Challenge Yourself!

Me-Movers, race bikes, Segways, zip lining, Crazy Karts, three wheel bikes, diving, open water swimming, a floating skate ramp – you name it! It was all at E’GO Challenge Yourself!

We had the pleasure to attend Denmark’s first E’GO Event in Helsingør last week – from the 23rd – 24th of May. It was set on Helsingør harbour with fantastic views of the beautiful Kronborg Slot (Hamlet’s castle). There were outdoor activities as well as indoor halls. This was a sports and action event for the whole family – aptly named “E’GO – Challenge Yourself”. You could try out tonnes of activities to step out of your comfort zone and experience something new!

We love attending events like this because it never really feels like work. People come to try the Me-Movers, experience its awesomeness and we get to be on the receiving end of this energetic, vibrant positivity. And of course we get to try all other kinds of gadgets and devices too! 😉

We were located at a booth indoors. This provided a premium riding surface for the Me-Mover with almost zero rolling resistance. This means you can glide, carve, zip, zoom effortlessly on a Me-Mover. Heaps of fun 🙂

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E’GO was an opportunity for us to pitch our brand new product: the Me-Mover FIT. We are sold out of the first version, so we are now offering PRE-ORDER for the new version which will be arriving in autumn 2015. People received this new product very well and showed excitement about it. Super promising for us and gets us all giddy and excited for what’s to come!

A skate ramp on the water!
A skate ramp on the water!
Kris had fun trying new things :)
Kris had fun trying new things 🙂

On the second day, Sunday, we got to use the go-kart track that Crazy Kart’s left behind, which was super fun. We made a track that got riders to really make use of the carving function of the Me-Mover, which really targets those core muscles.

Photo 24-05-15 14 04 37

We had a great time and are looking forward to the 2nd E’GO Challenge Yourself event!


//The Me-Mover team