Me-Mover at fitness expo FIBO 2015!

Me-Mover at fitness expo FIBO 2015!

The month of April was a crazy one – Me-Mover was at the fitness expo FIBO 2015!

FIBO is the world’s leading international trade show in fitness, health and wellness. It was held in Cologne from the 9 – 12 April 2015. This time we were a smaller team heading over there: Natalie, Jonas and Patryk. Cologne is in the north of Germany, much closer than the other trade shows we have attended in Germany, so the drive was a piece of cake. 😉

We set off in the afternoon on the 8th of April and arrived just before midnight. We went with Airbnb again – we definitely recommend this if you’re traveling on short notice. Also, hotels like to hike up their rates enormously during these big trade shows, so Airbnb was a great, cheaper solution (and there’s usually the added bonus of privacy and more space than a hotel room!)

We arrived at the expo venue early on Thursday the 9th of April to set up our booth. We went for a simple and clean design: two big banners to hang up on either booth wall. Here, have a look:

Our booth


Having a corner booth was really great because we had maximum exposure: people could see us from most angles.

Our Me-Movers were constantly underway. We have found that these test rides are great for promotional purposes in themselves! People would see the Me-Movers being ridden around the hall and come by our booth because they were so intrigued and wanted to try it!

DSC_0037 DSC_0048

DSC_0045 DSC_0053





We were in the FIBO Passion section of the venue in a very, very big hall. That was where most group fitness classes were based. For example Zumba, Piloxing, Masala Bhangra, and all kinds of other new types of group classes we learned about. There was a main stage where these classes were held, and then they also had individual stages at their booths. High energy, high tempo and pumping music!

JUMPING Fitness is a trampoline-based workout
JUMPING Fitness is a trampoline-based workout
Zumba! This dance workout got everybody moving
Zumba! This dance workout got everybody moving


Me-Mover & Fitness

You may have noticed our website and message has changed a little, namely focusing more on the fitness aspect of the Me-Mover. This is because we have received feedback from customers and Kickstarter backers reporting that the Me-Mover feels more like a fitness tool than anything else. We took this feedback to heart. Being at the world’s leading international trade show for fitness was a big opportunity for us to introduce this to the world.

The reception was fantastic! People recognized the physical benefits of a step machine, that it activates major muscle groups and has a great cardio effect, that the ergonomic stepping motion is gentle on the joints yet engaging all the little stabilizer muscles to keep you balanced.

Some rehabilitation experts even came by and told us that this product would be fantastic for those suffering from ankle, knee or back injuries. We could not have been happier to hear this feedback coming so organically from industry professionals! It got us all giddy and excited!

The kinds of people attending FIBO are the most extraordinary fitness fanatics you could imagine. We had never seen so many fit and muscular people in one place! It was inspiring to see. A lot of them were there with cameras to video new content for their websites, blogs, social media channels and whatnot. The Me-Mover being an innovative and unique concept made it a great conversation piece for those exact people. Have a look at features here and here.

Being surrounded by workout devices, fitness companies and exercise tools felt natural for the Me-Mover to be at FIBO. We were in our element! It was such a great opportunity and such a huge platform for us to showcase the Me-Mover.


FIBO 30 Year Anniversary

This year was a special one for FIBO as it was their 30 year anniversary. As we were first time exhibitors we had the luxury of being invited to the exclusive 30 year anniversary party! The party included a free buffet dinner: there was an abundance of delicious foods from all around the world. We were in heaven! They then hosted an after party with a live band. It was heaps of fun! Thank you FIBO!






What’s next?

FIBO is one of the world’s key trade shows for the fitness industry, so we booked our booth for next year’s fair before even leaving Cologne! There were SO many people… look at this queue!



This is an event not to be missed and we cannot wait for FIBO 2016!

Hopefully we’ll see you there!