Me-Mover takes over Eurobike!

Me-Mover takes over Eurobike!

The Me-Mover team spent the last week at Eurobike 2014 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. We met lots of nice people, sold Me-Movers, tried out new & exciting products, and established valuable new contacts. It was such an amazing experience and we want to share it all with you!

Team photo

We packed the car to the brim and hit the road. With Stig at the helm (eyes on the road, of course) we travelled 1,300 kilometres from Copenhagen to Switzerland. 

Jonas, Jacob, Natalie, Patryk and Stig (at the wheel)
Jonas, Jacob, Natalie, Patryk and Stig (at the wheel)

Like last year, we stayed at the lovely Gasthaus Neuhaus in Romanshorn, Switzerland. Even though we arrived at around midnight, the staff was super accommodating and prepared dinner for us. We couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome than the traditional Swiss Bratwurst and Cervelat sausages. With the long journey behind us we were knackered and hit the hay. 

The Expo

Each day we used the Me-Movers to get to and from the ferry between Switzerland and Germany.  It was so much fun zig-zagging and zooming past the pedestrians and cars on the streets, all the while getting intrigued and confused looks from people. Natalie, our new intern, definitely felt the cardio effects of the Me-Mover. Little hills and bridges sure work up a sweat. What better way to commute than to Me-Move?

Beautiful view from the ferry
Beautiful view from the ferry

We set ourselves up and within minutes had people test riding the Me-Mover.

Our aim for Eurobike was simple: to get our name out there, find distributors/retailers, and most of all, have fun! With last year’s success at Eurobike we were confident in our product, so this year we just needed to make ourselves heard.

The Results

Our Me-Movers couldn’t catch a break: people were constantly taking them out for a spin. 

It was awesome seeing people of all ages enjoying our product. Children as young as two-and-a-half years old, and adults as old as 70 years got a kick out of the Me-Mover. 

The most common feedback was that it is an unusual and yet super fun way to get around. It took most people a couple of minutes to get the hang of, but when they did they couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. The kids in particular fell in love with it, so much so that parents left them with us while they explored the rest of the expo! 

Me-Movers at the centre of attention
Me-Movers at the centre of attention

We found that although the Me-Mover is a piece of fitness equipment, the biggest selling point was the fun factor. This is fantastic news for us because it makes exercise fun, and that’s exactly what the Me-Mover wants to bring to the world. The Me-Mover is a fantastic way to get around and keep fit, and if we  bring some excitement into that then we are succeeding! 

It was also really nice to see that the design and engineering behind it was appreciated. While kids and families had fun riding it, various engineers at the expo literally stopped us in our tracks to have a look at this marvellous product 🙂

The Future

We closed some deals! Distributors in Switzerland and the Netherlands have been confirmed and we have some very promising leads in Germany, Poland, and Italy as well. The Me-Mover craze is going international!! There is a lot to be excited about. 

We came, we saw, we conquered! We hope to see you at the next Eurobike.

’Til next time

// The Me-Mover Team