$200,000 + Updated Stretch Goals + Production Update – Me-Mover


$200,000 + Updated Stretch Goals + Production Update

$200,000 + Updated Stretch Goals + Production Update

$200,000 – THANK YOU!

We are so grateful and happy to see that we reached our second stretch goal late yesterday evening. All thanks to you! Now, as the second stretch goal is reached, all orders will be delivered with a FREE Repair Kit, Multitool and Handlebar Bag + Lighting, Reflective solution and Carry Strap, on top of this we are able to add the Carry Bag and our Front Luggage Rack to the accessory list!

To order the accessories, add the sum to your pledge and send us a message about which accessories you have selected.

But… the greatest reward for us is YOU, to get in contact with interesting, inspiring and creative people around the globe. The dialogue and input from all of you are invaluable. Thanks to you we have not only been able to develop some great new accessories – the carry handle, carry bag, lighting system – but we are also constantly improving our business model, and how to make the world move. I cannot tell you how important you are to us!

Production update

On Monday, we also received our final test batch: 44 brand new Me-Movers from the 0-series. Seeing the truck turning into our office area brought smile to our faces. The 0-series is made to test the full production setup, these are no longer prototypes but the first volume units. There will be some minor adjustments to some tools and parts, but this is the real thing. We are now spending time to go through each of the units to verify function, quality and finish, before sending them out to our lucky 0-series customers.

We also got some more good news from our production site in Shenzhen, we have had an interesting production set-up process (to say the least) of the polymer covers and rear-wheel fenders, but finally the moulded parts are ready. The parts will be sent by air within a week to be mounted on the Me-Movers we have here at the office – it will be great!

Sample images of the moulded transmission cover, took literally ages to polish all aspects of it :).
Sample images of the moulded transmission cover, took literally ages to polish all aspects of it :).

Updated stretch goals

To date, we have collected a little more than $200,000. This is simply awesome – twice our starting goal!

People share our view about the need of a vehicle like the Me-Mover: simple design, smooth mechanics and compact maintenance with suitability to exercise and commute, high speeds to standstill. This is really thriving and makes us want to improve our vehicle more and more every day.

To make the last end of the campaign more thrilling and fun, and after some calculations and discussions, we are ready to bring down our $800,000 stretch goal – and finalize development of the winning add-on for delivery in the beginning of 2015 – to a crazy $260,000 level! Currently it is a very tight draw between the Electric, Quick-Fold and Front Loader. The winner is the most popular reward out of three $25 reward tiers. So place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! 🙂

Thus, if we raise $260,000 by next Monday 12:51 PM CEST, we will develop an add-on fitting all Me-Movers as a first priority!

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All the love from Denmark


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