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THANK YOU all who for signed up as test drivers!

At closing the 5’th of April (we got delayed by a some days :)) we had received close to one hundred test driver applications. Fantastic! We are overwhelmed by the response from all over the world, mostly from the US, Finland, Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark. Even some applications from Korea, Japan and New Zealand and other nice places have dropped in. We will work in the coming month to set up a plan for the test drivers. We will strive to let as many people try out as possible, even though we will not be able to do it straight away. Initially we will do a testrun in Denmark to get rid of the most pertinent issues of the Me-Mover CITY betas – there WILL be some. But right now, we are just happy.

Quotes from some applicants:

“Love the simplicity and practicality of your invention.  I’d trade-in my Lexus SC430 for your thing 🙂  (ok, maybe for a day). Seriously, I’d like to be your test driver.  I live in Mississauga, Canada.  Approximately 12 km to and from work.  I can see using this in the Summer…heck, even Winter months (on non snowy days).”
“If you are looking for some testers state-side I am located in the Boston area, currently commute by bike. In the spring I am busy running my Ultimate Frisbee team so have about 35 miles each day of riding on practice/game days (3-4 a week). The Transit here does not allow bikes on board during rush hour, when I would love to take 15 miles off my daily slog on the way to practice (don’t really need to ride 15 miles THEN run around for 2 hours.) 🙂 Your product seems a great fit for me, and I think the streets of Boston will give it quite a work out.”

“I am writing to you from Okazaki, Japan.  I’m an American studying Japanese at a language school here and have been using a standard bicycle for transportation to get anywhere in the local area – school, Starbucks, the mall, the gym, anywhere in Okazaki.  The Me-Mover looks like it would be a great alternative – especially considering the ease of hopping on the bus, and then continuing to move onto another destination which cannot be done with a bicycle.”
“I support and promote – both in my personal life and my work – all things around sustainability and whole health. I have a hard time with regular bicycles and this looks like a really cool option and I’m VERY curious to see if it could be an alternative for me. It’s my knees that are the issue and I’d like to know if they would be OK with this. I live in a city, one of the few in Canada, where one can use such things all year ’round (though I did see a video of people using them in the snow!). Why is the me-mover interesting: Because it provides one more cool option to keep people out of their cars. It’s so versatile – foldable! and can be used to carry things! – giving it a level of flexibility that makes it even more appealing than just a scooter or a bike or a Segue.”


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