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If you are looking for outdoor, intense cardio with low impact exercise then here is your ticket! The Me-Mover is a three-wheeled step machine that makes fitness an exciting urban experience.

Riding the Me-Mover feels like a mix of skiing and running, without the joint strain. The ergonomic stepping motion actives all major muscle groups, while the unique carving ability works your core and stabilizer muscles. Me-Mover’s compact and agile design makes it perfect for exercising in the city, allowing you to easily incorporate fitness in your daily life.

The Me-Mover is suitable for everyone, from beginners to pros. The low impact makes the Me-Mover ideal for both endurance athletes and people looking to lose weight.


High intensity cardio workout – 40% higher than cycling
 Strengthen your core and leg muscles
 Low impact on joints
 Constantly engages your stabilizer muscles
 Suitable for all fitness levels
 Compact and agile, perfect for exercising in the city


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